The Squamish hiking and biking trail network is world class. With a variety of trails from beginner to advanced, you will find your new favourite trail in Squamish. Please enjoy our trail maps and get out to explore Squamish


Top 5 Fall Squamish Hikes

Top 5 Fall Hikes in Squamish Fall is here in full force in Squamish. There’s no better way to enjoy the crisp weather and get your fill of nature before winter than to take a walk on one of Squamish’s top 5 hiking trails. Although the sun…

Top Five Secret Trails Around Squamish

The enchanted beauty and pristine wilderness areas around Squamish attract hikers from all over the world. Most visitors and locals are familiar with the popular trails, but you might be surprised to learn that there are five trails that are…

Hiking Trail Spotlight: 4 Lakes in Alice Lake

Hiking Spotlight: Four Lakes Trail At Alice Lake Squamish Hike:  Open Year Round Bike: Sept 16th - April 31st Closed to mountain bikes from May 1st - Sept 15th Snowshoeing - Occasionally available when it snows in town…

Trail Spotlight: Slhaney Trailhead

Summer has arrived and its time to plan out your Squamish hikes. One of the truly overlooked breathtaking trails in the areas is the Slhaney.
Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update

Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update AKA Summer 2.0

Fall or Summer 2.0 . The latter best describes the conditions we’ve witnessed over the past 4 weeks. Mild temperatures, clear skies, and tacky dirt. With winter storms seemingly on hold, it’s the morning dew keeping moisture in the trails.…

Mountain Bike Trail Spotlight: Pleasure Trail

If mountain biking is your passion, then you are going to want to try out your skills on the Pleasure Trail outside of Squamish, B.C. The downhill-only trail is technical and takes skills to tackle. Many of the features are an advanced expert…

Squamish Hiking Trail Spotlight: Tunnel Bluffs

If you are seeking a hike to challenge and afford breathtaking views then look no further than the hiking trail at Tunnel Bluffs. This is a trail that you are going to want to undertake on a sunny day so you can really soak up the unparalleled…

Hiking Spotlight: High Falls

If you love waterfalls then you don’t want to miss the High Falls Creek trail. Along the trail, the views of the Squamish Valley and the Tantalus Range are unparalleled. Many people consider it one of the most awe-inspiring and scenic trailheads…

Mid-Summer Mountain Bike Trail Update by Ridebc

Summer arrived early in May, left for a wet Junuary, and is has been back in full force for the month of July. From slick muddy days to smokey skies and dusty trails, we've seen it all in the past two months. August looks to be cooling down…
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Hiking to Echo Falls

Echo Falls is a magical place that is accessible only via a trail, but you have to use a boat, canoe or paddle boat to get across the Squamish river to the start of the trailhead. For an additional fun activity that is sure to add to the entire…