Hiking Trail: Crooked Falls

Who doesn’t love the magic of a waterfall? The sound of the rushing water as it falls to the rocks below is mesmerizing. Crooked Falls sits along the Siguard Creek Trail located in Upper Squamish. The falls sit at an elevation of 490 metres. The Siguard Creek forms the waterfall and it plummets down the mountain in a very unique twisted fashion.

The Views of Crooked Falls

You can view Crooked Falls from two angles: the side and back against the cliff wall. There is an outcrop that sits just in front of the falls. You can get remarkably close but it’s also wet.

When to Visit Crooked Falls

The trail can be hiked any time of year, but spring is the ideal time because the fall is at its most robust due to spring runoff. Please be prepared because this hike is moderately difficult. During the wet season, the trail can become slippery and you could misstep which would cause you to plummet down a large drop. In addition, if you slip by the falls it could be fatal. Extreme care should always be taken. This trail is not for a beginner. You should also not go alone.

Crooked Falls Trailhead Information

The trailhead sits beneath a dense canopy of trees, so you will have ample shade year round. It spans 6 kilometers. Ideally, you should give yourself at least three to four hours to hike the trail to and from plus enjoy the sites. You can take your leashed dog on the trail but please only take Fido if he is well trained because a lunging dog could cause you to slip or put other hikers in danger if the trail surface is less than ideal due to inclement weather.

Please remember there are no restroom facilities along the trail or at the falls.

Starting the Hike to Crooked Falls

You will be parking your auto beside Ashlu Creek which is a tributary of the Squamish River. Many people kayak expanse so there are typically cars located everywhere. You’ll see a yellow sign that says, ‘Sigurd Trail’ posted clearly on the utility poles. You will immediately start hiking upwards on an old logging road. There are a lot of rocks along the trail so step carefully so you don’t stumble. Eventually, the trail levels out. Sometimes in the spring, the trail might be muddy with runoff. You’ll see a sharp turn in the road to the right and then you will officially be on the Sigurd Trail. Watch for the sign. The trail is uphill but wide. You won’t have any trouble following it. It is always well-maintained.

Arriving at Crooked Falls

Along the trail, you will see viewpoints that overlook the Squamish river. You can also soak up views of the nearby mountains. The forest is very dense and moss covered. Be sure to watch for wildlife sightings. Eventually, you will arrive at a viewpoint of the outstanding Squamish Valley. The trail continues to climb and you will come across several difficult spots where you will want to proceed with caution. Eventually, you will come to a split in the trail. One side goes on to the Sigurd Peaks and the other goes to Crooked Falls. Go to the left and head for the Crooked Falls. Within 15 minutes you will arrive at the falls. Now its time to soak up the outstanding beauty of the waterfall.

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