Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update

Fall or Summer 2.0 . The latter best describes the conditions we’ve witnessed over the past 4 weeks. Mild temperatures, clear skies, and tacky dirt. With winter storms seemingly on hold, it’s the morning dew keeping moisture in the trails. These are the days we dream about as mountain bikers. Dry roots and rocks, grippy dirt and that magnificent golden hour sunlight lasting throughout the day.

Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update AKA Summer 2.0

Typically by mid October we are watching ski movies getting stoked for the incoming powder days. This fall we’ve felt the opposite effect, keeping our minds on the trails and off the fluffy white stuff.

With the final SORCA final event (26 trails) wrapping up comes the symbolic end to the season. It also marks the the start of the productive trail maintenance season. Lots of dirt work in progress with many of the Squamish mainstay trails seeing a facelift. Aside from the hand work on our single track trails, machine work is also underway. Both Pseudo Tsuga and Meadow of the Grizzly are under the knife. Expect some big improvements ahead!

Sooner or later winter riding will be in full effect. Fortunately for us that means putting on a jacket and having as much fun as any other time of year. So why all this chat about conditions anyways? Just comes with the territory really. We’ll mostly admit to have equally large smiles at the end of every ride, regardless of the season. We are the fortunate few Canadians able to ride more or less all year. So get out there and enjoy!

Happy riding!

By James of Ride BC

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