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Nate Kelly, born and raised in Toronto & now living on the West Coast for over 10 years has been a passionate entrepreneur since a young age. Starting his first business at age 13 & then moving onto to starting a property service company at age 21.  He’s always been a risk taker and edgy disruptor who thrives off going against the grain and being self made. He’s a no bull shit, demanding man that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Alot of this stems from the sports he enjoys like snowboarding, surfing, dirt biking and mountain biking.

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Nate is a serial entrepreneur recognized for his passion, vision and customer first based approach. Nate is known to apply great branding, operational excellence and a strong customer focus to traditional service companies. After 6.5 years of hard earned growth, scale and automation, he’s proud to say that he sold his property service company for a very healthy profit. Nate along with a small group of other like minded entrepreneurs are now working on the next “big” thing. As he explains “something bigger & more challenging than ever before” A business that we hope will impact millions of lives one day.