Where is the Best Place in the World to go Mountain Biking?

Full disclosure, this article might be a bit bias.  Have you ever wondered where is the best place in the world to go mountain biking?  Well we think it is right here at home in Squamish BC.  With over  200 kilometres of single track mountain bike trails, Squamish has a trail for all skills and abilities. From gentle cruises in the Estuary to big descents on Diamond Head you are guaranteed to find a trail you love gere. Don’t agree with us? Mountain Bike Magazine rates Squamish as one of the top 25 places to ride in the world. So what do you think? How does Squamish mountain biking compare to the rest of the world?


Popular Trails Around Squamish

Here is a list of the most popular mountain bike trails around Squamish:

  • Half Nelson – Intermediate Trail – An adrenaline fulled downhill pump track that people love.
  • Rupert – a Black Diamond – This trail was designed by Gary McFarlane. It features slab rock, woodwork, and downhill rips that will test you.
  • Angry Midget – Black Diamond – Features roots and ladders
  • Pseudo-Tsuga Part 1 – Intermediate Trail – These trails, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are alive with berms and rollers.
  • Pseudo-Tsuga Part 2 – Intermediate Trail
  • Pseudo-Tsuga Part 3 – Intermediate Trail
  • Wonderland – Intermediate – This is a fun trail to try out your skillset. There are rocks, roots, and even a low ladder bridge.
  • Upper Half Nelson – Intermediate to Difficult – You’ll catch air and traverse a few short bridges.
  • Track to Hell – Intermediate – An old logging road that has a boardwalk. Can be ridden either direction.
  • Phil & Cams – a Black Diamond – Downhill with berms at the end.
  • 50 Shades of Green – Intermediate – Tacky with a good climb.
  • Climb Trail – Beginner – Follows an old railway bed.
  • Jack’s Trail – Beginner – This trail features a gradual uphill ride with very few obstacles. You can then turn around and cruise back downhill.
  • Roller Coaster – Intermediate – This is an all-out fun ride with nice big berms. You might actually feel like you are on a rollercoaster!
  • Entrails – Black Diamond – This is a very technical trail that takes true skill to maneuver, but if you have the experience then you will fall in love with the trail.

Additional Mountain Biking Areas for all Skillsets in Squamish Include

  • Diamond Head – Four Green Circle, 36 Blue Square, 21 Black Diamond, and 10 Double Black Diamond
  • Valleycliffe – Three Green Circles, 21 Blue Squares, 14 Black Diamond, and 8 Double Black Diamond
  • Lava Flow – Two Green Circles, one Blue Square, and one Black Diamond
  • Alice Lake and Highlands – 10 Green Circles, 28 Blue Squares, 35 Black Diamond, and 12 Double Black Diamond
  • Brackendale – 26 Green Circles

This is just a small sampling of the best mountain bike trails around Squamish. You will probably fall in love with all of them, but a few will stand out in your mind as truly exceptional. After you venture out on some of these trails, you will understand exactly why Squamish is the best place in the world to go mountain biking.

Squamish Hiking & Mountain Biking Trail Guides


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