There are more physically active residents in British Columbia than any other province in Canada. One way to enjoy the beauty of the area while getting exercise is to take a ride on the many mountain bike trails.

As the winter thaw begins, mountain bikers are getting ready to hit the lower-elevation trails. In Squamish, there are a variety of thrilling and scenic trails to ride for beginners and experts alike.

Are you looking for the best spring trails that are easy to access at this time of year? Check out our top picks for the best biking trails in our area.




1. Half Nelson

Located in the Diamond Head area, Half Nelson is one of the most popular Squamish trails. It’s a downhill pump track that has a lot of wood bridges, berms, jumps, and bumps. So much fun!

This popular track attracts thousands of riders each year. Intermediate and expert riders can go for more jumps and airtime while beginners can enjoy a cruisy, flowy ride down.

Connect the Full Nelson and Half Nelson loop for extra airtime, fast corners, and berms that will get your heart racing and your face grinning.

2. Wonderland

The Wonderland trail has a green/blue rating and it’s ideal for beginners with some experience.

Wet weather can create some obstacles for new riders such as slimy roots, low-hanging branches, and slippery sections so keep an eye on the trail conditions and ride with caution. Oh, and wear a helmet.

The ride down is smooth, winding through a beautiful West Coast forest. The trail features a few bridges and berms, but the decline is gentle enough to maintain a steady pace. The descent requires little braking or peddling, letting you take in your surroundings.

3. Credit Line

Credit Line is one of the more difficult trails, perfect for expert riders looking for a challenge. This downhill, singletrack trail features a lot of technical climbing and descents along with a few rock rollers.

Credit Line runs through a shady, mossy section of forest and features gorgeous views of the Squamish River Valley.

Keep an eye on the trail status as sloppy conditions and ice can impact the difficulty.

4. Psuedo-Tsuga

There are three parts to this newly upgraded trail, Psuedo-Tsuga is perfect for intermediate riders. All three parts feature plenty of berms and rollers.

The first part is fast and flowy with optional jumps. The third part features a bridge and scenic waterfall and ends with a fast downhill section and plenty of berms.

Psuedo-Tsuga is rideable even in early spring conditions when the ground can be a bit tacky or frosty.

5. Jack’s Trail

Built on old logging railroad beds and service roads, Jack’s trail is yet another famous trail in Squamish. being a green trail it’s a great choice for new riders.

This lower-elevation trail is great for an easy spring ride, even in muddy conditions.

Jack’s trail features a wider track with a gradual uphill climb and a smooth downhill ride.

Ready to Explore These Squamish Mountain Biking Trails for Yourself?

If you’re itching to dust off your bike and hit these trails, you’re not alone. These are some of the most popular Squamish mountain biking trails at this time of year. From beginners to experts, there’s a trail on this list perfect for any skill level.

If you’re new to the area, be sure to check out our Squamish trail map selection and learn more about the many scenic trails you can ride. You can also book a guided tour if you want to make the most of your experience.

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