Top Five Secret Trails Around Squamish

The enchanted beauty and pristine wilderness areas around Squamish attract hikers from all over the world. Most visitors and locals are familiar with the popular trails, but you might be surprised to learn that there are five trails that are almost never talked about. If you are up for an adventure and you want to venture off the beaten track then you won’t want to miss out on trying these five Squamish trails.

Five Secret Trails Around Squamish

Here is a list of the five secret trails around Squamish that you have to hike:

  1. Slhaney Hike: This trail is not for the faint of heart. However, even rated difficult, the stunning beauty of this trail will appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts. Along the way, it is not uncommon to run into professional photographers who stop to snap award-winning photos. This trail is a less maintained offshoot of the Stawamus Chief Trail. You will park in the same parking lot and start out on the initial trailhead. When you reach the junction to the first and third peak then you will choose to take the third peak path. Once you get to the next junction you will take a right and be officially on Slhaney hiking trail. Deep forest embraces the trail. There are very few makers along the way but you will come to a group of yellow flaggings where you can take a breather and enjoy the viewpoint. You will then continue to the Slhaney peak and then turn around to come back the same you came.
  2. Upper Shannon Falls: The Upper Shannon Falls has undergone an upgrade so people are starting to take notice of the lesser known trail. The hike can be started from either Shannon Falls parking lot or the Stawamus Chief parking lot. From both trails, you can venture onto the Stawamus Chief Trail where you will hike until you take a right. You will hike through the forest and eventually come out below the gondola. Now you the trail gets more difficult but there are ropes in place to help you traverse the trail. Soon you will hear the roar of the falls and know that you are close. You can turn back around and go back to the parking lot the way you came or continue on the Seat to Summit Trail until you reach the Summit Lodge located at the Sea to Sky Gondola.
  3. Tantalus View Trail Located At Brohm Lake: Park your care at the Brohm Lake parking area. You will notice a large map board in the parking lot that shows the area in depth. You should start off at the Bridge Trail near the South end of the parking lot. You can then walk past the junction and look for the sign showing the turn off for Tantalus View. You will take a right after crossing the wooden bridge and head onto Hight Trail Continue past the next junction. You must watch for the signs that clearly say Tantalus View Trail.
  4. High Falls Trail: The High Falls trails takes you to a 29km adventure. You will reach a bridge and the parking lot where you will leave your auto. You will then begin the trail 100m past an old wooden bridge. The trail runs along the left side of the canyon and runs alongside the High Creek Falls. You will see several viewpoints along the way. The trail will end right above an old logging road in a canyon. Once you reach the road, turn left and you can easily walk back to the Squamish Valley Road.
  5. Levette Lake: Levettte Lake’s beauty is like something out of a fairy’tail. The cool mountain lake shines a refreshing blue. You’ll travel through the forest to the lovely lakeside cabins that dot the area. You cannot reach the trailhead without a four-wheel drive vehicle with impressive clearance. To reach the trail turn onto Paradise Valley Road and then go left onto the Levette Lake Forest Road. Now follow the signs to the lake. Hike around the perimeter or relax along the shoreline.

The above five secretive hikes are a ‘must-do’ if you enjoy hiking around Squamish. Most of the locals don’t even know about these trails so they are a great way to get away from it all and enjoy Mother Nature.

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