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You know your best customers are online. It’s no longer a question of do I need online advertising, but rather, what is my best strategy to attract a continuous and reliable customer base.   It’s been quite a while since you realized you need to be advertising online. You’ve had phrases like digital marketing, social media and content planning revolving around your head for longer than you want to admit.  Your competitors are showing up in your feed and you know you need to be there too … but have no idea where to start.

Lack of action means you could be losing out on valuable, long-term customers.  You want to be confident that every marketing dollar you spend attracts new local fans. The kind of people who come back again and again and rave about your business to friends.

That’s how you will grow your bottom line and be recognized as one of the best businesses in town … and beyond.   

Are you looking to grow your base of repeat local customers while you focus on what you do best? 

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Be Found When Your Customers Are Looking For You 

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing sends you customers who are ready to buy. Savvy business owners know that not everyone is their ideal customer.  Spending money on trying to reach as many people as possible no longer makes sense. Instead, you can position your business to be found exactly when your prospective customer is looking for you - that powerful moment when they are ready to buy.  In today's digital world, you know your customers are looking you up before they make their purchase decisions. You need to be there. 

3 Ways Online Marketing Will Immediately Increase Your Customer Base
Getting Found
SEO that targets the best possible customer based on words they are searching gets you found first.
Building Authority 
Being featured and referred to through online partners will increase your recognition as a local leader.
Creating Connection
Sharing your unique story will help customers identify with your brand and values. Creating loyal repeat customers.

It's no longer a question of if you need a digital strategy.  It is now  a necessary part of your marketing plan.   
But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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At Squamish Adventure we know that growth comes from consistent & quality customers.  When you enhance your digital presence you’ll automatically step up your game. You’ll get in front of this ideal audience consistently.  

We have a proven, comprehensive strategy to get you seen by the people who matter most to your business. Our membership system is designed to simplify your marketing program because it’s all in one place. This will not only save you time, it’ll help you become highly visible.

All at one low monthly cost.


After just 6 months of membership, many Squamish Adventure customers benefit from

More presence online including ranking on the first page of Google
Amplifying and leveraging their own social media efforts
Receiving valuable targeted leads
Getting recognized as local favourites.
Becoming digitally savvy business owners

What if you could get all of your online marketing needs taken care of in one place, with a marketing strategy that works for you? 

Imagine your next growth surge being fueled by online sales? You don’t need a big budget to compete online you just need right strategy for you. Let us help you stand out from your competitors.  If you are in shopping & gear, health & wellness, events & nightlife, food & drinks, family fun , attractions or real estate we have the perfect package for you.
With two membership levels, we have an advertising package that supports your budget, grows with your business and helps you get the maximum result from your marketing budget. ​​​​​

Let us do the hard work for you, with affordable strategies that grow with you. 

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