Squamish is home to six stunning Provincial Parks and wonderful places to camp in Squamish’s surrounding area. This Section of our Magazine highlights the different parks and camping options in and around Squamish.

Sea to Sky Marine Trail
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Trail Spotlight: Sea to Sky Marine Trail

The Sea to Sky Marine Trail is a combination of two trail systems: the TransCanada Trail and the BC Marine Trails Network. The union was officially announced and opened in June 2015 to much fanfare. The new trail spans 40 kilometers and features…

Local Spotlight: Ride Hub

Are you a mountain biking enthusiast or a newbie who wants to get into the sport? It doesn’t matter what your level of experience might be because you are sure to have the time of your life on a RideHub Adventure. Experienced Mountain Biking…
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Local Spotlight: Red Heather Hut

Do you also dream about a cabin in the mountains that you can escape from your busy life? One of my favourite places to head out to is Red Heather Hut in Garibaldi Park. Living in Squamish puts you in the center of a wilderness paradise. It…
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Tricouni Peak

Tricouni Peak Trail: A Hidden Gem     If you are looking for a challenging trail then look no further than Tricouni Peak. Its magical beauty is well worth the effort. You will hike through meadows and alongside lakes until you reach…

Cirque Lake: Have you Explored this Alpine Lake?

Cirque Lake: Have you Explored this Stunning Alpine Lake? Have you ever been up the Callaghan valley? It's a large, beautiful and remote area nestled between Squamish and Whistler. Cirque Lake a particularity beautiful spot and considering it's…
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5 Reasons to Visit Brandywine Falls this Summer

If you want to visit a memorable waterfall this summer then look no further than Brandywine Falls. It's located in the Squamish-Lillooet area of British Columbia and the spectacular waterfall is the largest in the Whistler area. The viewing…
9 Campgrounds You Must Visit in the Sea to Sky

Ten Amazing Squamish Camping Photos

It is the season for Camping in Squamish. With so many great places to pitch a tent for the weekend, we compiled some of our favourite pictures of camping in and around Squamish.  Be sure to follow fire ban rules, pack in what you pack out…
9 Campgrounds You Must Visit in the Sea to Sky

8 Campgrounds To Visit In The Sea to Sky

From Vancouver to Whistler, runs one of the most picturesque byways in North America: the Sea to Sky highway. Along with its expansive length are monolith mountains rising up to touch the clouds, ocean vistas, breathtaking waterfalls, and what…
Camping in Squamish

Camping Tips to Make the Most out of Your Camping Trips

Squamish is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Most people want to spend more than a single day enjoying the region’s pristine beauty and taking advantage of the many things to do in the area. Sometimes camping is the ideal way to soak up the…