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Local Spotlight: Rope Runner Aerial Park

Squamish is known as the ‘outdoor capital of Canada’, with seemingly endless activities available for kids of all ages. One addition to the activity roster in Squamish is the Roper Runner Course, located near the Squamish Adventure center.…

Squamish Lake Guide

Squamish Lake Guide - The Best Places to Take a Pre or Post Adventure Dip After spending your days exploring the trails around town and working up a sweat, it’s time to cool off in one of Squamish’s many lakes. There are many to choose…

Squamish Summer Bucket List - Top Activities & Things to do

As you ramp up your summer plans, we wanted to help you with this Squamish Summer Bucket list of the best things to do in and around Squamish BC. 
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Going Underground at Britannia Mine Museum

Do you want to catch the modern-day version of gold fever? Head for the Britannia Mine Museum to try your hand at gold panning while learning about local rock and mineral activities. At the site, you can even ride on an underground mine train while touring the museum!

Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Squamish

Fall has arrived in Squamish, which means an increase in rainy days. With the onset of the wet season, and pre snow season you might start to feel a bit stir crazy. However, if you are looking for the best things to do on a rainy day then you…

Insider’s Guide to Fall In Squamish

 The crisp, shorter days are a sure sign that fall has arrived in Squamish, BC. This time of year tends to bring a bit more precipitation to the area, however there are still many great activities and things to do this fall in Squamish. We…

51 Things To Do in Squamish

Squamish has exploded as a world class destination for outdoor recreation and adventure. We created this list of 51 things to do in Squamish to outline some of our favourite activities in our community which has so much to offer for recreation…

The Insiders Guide to Spring in Squamish

The Insiders Guide to Spring in Squamish  Spring is a refreshing time of year in Squamish when the winter doldrums are lifted and you can finally get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. The days are longer and the weather is still cool enough that…

5 Reasons Eagle Rafting Should Be on Your Winter Bucket List

Is there any bird more majestic than the bald eagle? With a wingspan of over 2 meters, the massive birds of prey are a sight to behold. If viewing one of these birds up close in its wild habitat is on your bucket list then Squamish during the…