Mountain Bike Trail Spotlight: Pleasure Trail hiking

If mountain biking is your passion, then you are going to want to try out your skills on the Pleasure Trail outside of Squamish, B.C. The downhill-only trail is technical and takes skills to tackle. Many of the features are an advanced expert level which means that you must ride with caution even if you possess pro skills. One small mistake while navigating this trail could result in a severe crash. Along the trail’s expanse, there are 10-foot drops that you can quickly spiral down if you should wipe out.

Outstanding Wood Features of the Pleasure Trail

The trail has some wood features that are well-built and challenging. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy testing out your skills on such trail obstacles. You will also find numerous rock rolls that are exposed.

Take an Initial First Run

Ideally, the best way to tackle this trail is to make an initial first run. Give yourself plenty of time to get to know the path and mentally map the various sections. There are slabs and several uncertain run outs that you are going to want to familiarize yourself with before you increase your speed. If you feel confident after exploring the trail’s expanse, then you can tackle it a second time a bit faster. This black diamond trail has a lot to offer with numerous cool features that make it a definite must if you have the skills. Some parts might even be considered double black.

The Dangers of the Pleasure Trail

Remember, this singletrack trial can be extremely dangerous when the soil is very loose and dry or wet and slippery. It doesn’t take much to plunge down the 10-foot drops. The trail can be ridden in the rain, but be prepared for treacherous conditions. The bottom portion of the path gets muddy and slippery. The bottom section of the trail tends to dry out first. It can be a bit rocky so take it slow.

Safety Precautions

Before tackling this trail, make sure your gear is in tip-top shape. Also, take all of the safety precautions that you can before you embark on the downhill ride. Ideally, you should not ride this trail alone but take along a friend or two.

A Five Star Trail for Experienced Mountain Bikers

Most mountain biking enthusiasts who ride the Pleasure Trail give it five stars. It is a well-designed mountain biking trail that is sure to test your skills. The wooden expanses are well constructed. This trail had a great deal of thought put into its stretch to make it a real challenge that is sure to get your heart racing and your blood pumping if you enjoy technical moves in a stunning setting. Many riders consider it the trail one of the best black diamond and double black trails in the region.

The Pleasure Trail is not a novice ride. Remember, please don’t try this mountain biking trail if you lack the experience needed to conquer it. The ride is going to require technical skills that can only be obtained through extensive riding and expertise.

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