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Local Spotlight: Rope Runner Aerial Park

Squamish is known as the ‘outdoor capital of Canada’, with seemingly endless activities available for kids of all ages. One addition to the activity roster in Squamish is the Roper Runner Course, located near the Squamish Adventure center.…

The Britannia Mine Museum’s BOOM!

The Britannia Mine Museum is located about 55 kilometres from Vancouver B.C. Visitors can learn about an experience everything related to British Columbia’s mining industry. A National Historic site, the museum is housed at the site of Mill…
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Going Underground at Britannia Mine Museum

Do you want to catch the modern-day version of gold fever? Head for the Britannia Mine Museum to try your hand at gold panning while learning about local rock and mineral activities. At the site, you can even ride on an underground mine train while touring the museum!
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Dining with the Eagles at The Watershed Grill

Is there any other bird in the world as majestic as the eagle? The impressive raptors are considered the crown jewel for bird watchers and from December to March the extraordinary birds winter in the Squamish, British Columbia region. The area…
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Spotlight: Norm Hann SUP

Norm Hann is a local SUP legend with a huge passion for the ocean, coastlines and  the powerful connection between people and our environment. Norm Hann heads up ‘Norm Hann Expeditions’. Through his company, he shares his love of stand…
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Local Spotlight: Shala Yoga

Shala Yoga opened for business in the hopes of creating a love for yoga in the hearts and minds of fellow Squamish residents. The studio focuses not just on hosting yoga classes with talented instructors but also on building a true relationship…