Top 5 Fall Squamish Hikes

Top 5 Fall Hikes in Squamish

Fall is here in full force in Squamish. There’s no better way to enjoy the crisp weather and get your fill of nature before winter than to take a walk on one of Squamish’s top 5 hiking trails. Although the sun starts setting earlier and fall in Squamish can be a bit wet and rainy, with the right gear and an early start hiking can be a great fall activity and thing to do in Squamish bc.

Each of these hikes has varying levels so everyone can enjoy the subtly changing leaves and rich earthy hues that grace the trails from late September to November.  Enjoy our picks of our favourite places to take a hike this fall

Alice Lake – 4 Lakes Trail

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After an active summer, the 4 Lakes Trail at Alice Lake is a great way to slow things down a notch. The two-hour loop is one of the easiest in Squamish. While most trails are known for their intense uphill treks, 4 Lakes has little elevation gain.

Bring along a camera to take pictures of the unique and beautiful mushrooms that grow along the path. Picking them isn’t allowed, but you can capture their beauty while practicing your fall photography skills.

The tall trees on either side of the path spread their branches over the trail to form a protective canopy, shielding it from the rain. The 4 Lakes Trail is the perfect Squamish hiking trail to leisurely stroll through on a crisp day to kick off the fall season.

Brohm Lake Trail

As the leaves start to change, so does the atmosphere around Brohm Lake.  The summer crowds of Brhom lake give way to peaceful tranquility in the fall.

The quieter setting doesn’t take away from the lake’s beauty, however. The somber pines that line the lake cast a striking reflection in the calm waters and protect the paths from damp or rainy days.

The 7 to 12 kilometer loop around the lake is an intermediate trail, with some narrow parts and stairs that elevate you to better views of the surroundings. The Brohm Lake Trail lends itself to solitary reflection during fall, but consider bringing a companion, especially your dog – just make sure to use a leash.

Nexen Beach Trail

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You don’t need hours to enjoy Squamish’s trails. If you’re strapped for time but still want to enjoy the cool fall weather and take in the sights, Nexen Beach Trail is a quick, 2.4 km loop that’s easy to access and right on the edge of Howe Sound.

Grab a coffee and a friend and head to Nexen Beach on your lunch break for a quick walk. You can see  Shannon Falls, which is simply roaring after a a few rainy days.  Be sure to bring your camera as dolphins have recently been spotted in the sound  making a splash.

Sea to Summit Trail













Not everyone likes taking it easy during fall. Luckily, you don’t have to. Many of the most popular and most intense Squamish hiking trails are still accessible until winter. To get your cardio in and explore one of Squamish’s newest trails, hike the Sea to Summit Trail.

The four-hour hike brings you through a roller coaster ride of up and down hills until you finally reach the top, climbing over 900 m to the base of the Gondola. There, reward yourself with one of Squamish’s own craft beers as you admire the view. Please note that the Gondola Closes for maintenance in November

The Chief

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Hiking Squamish’s most famous trail, The Chief, has certain advantages during fall. The cool weather makes the uphill climb more forgiving, and although you’re bound to see a few other nature enthusiasts on the trail, you’ll avoid the crowds that flock there in summer.

This advanced trail is difficult, with a total gain of 6020 meters over 11 kilometers, but in many ways the trail is flexible. There are three different peaks, each visiting in their own right. If you only have a few hours, however, you can still enjoy the breathtaking views of Howe Sound by visiting the first peak.


Bonus Hike: Shannon Falls


Shannon Falls is just roaring this time of year. Be sure to stop by and check it ou. The short trail from the parking lot will take you to the base of the falls, just be sure to wear a rain jacket as the spray is guaranteed to get you soaked!


Despite the damp weather typical of fall, many would consider it one of the best times to enjoy Squamish’s hiking trails. Few crowds, cool weather, and the musky smell of damp earth and bark allow you to see Squamish from a unique perspective many travelers miss. Simply having the right gear ( Valhalla Pure in Squamish can sort you out!) makes a big difference. And remember your pumpkin spice latte will taste that much better after a big fall hike!

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