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New Mortgage Rules: What does this mean for Squamish

Starting January 2018, many homebuyers are facing much stiffer guidelines when it comes to getting a mortgage. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) announced on October 17th, that all borrowers will be required to qualify for a mortgage that has a two percentage point higher rate than they are actually applying for. This new rule even includes borrowers who have down payments of 20 percent or higher and do not require mortgage insurance. The changes were proposed to curb the buying ability of individuals who are already suffering from a high degree of … Read More»

12 Mouth Watering Food Pics

Squamish is making its mark on the dining scene with many great new restaurants and dining options opening up in the past year. To help highlight the foodie culture in Squamish, we found twelve of the most mouth watering foodie photos from your classic local favourite restaurants and some of the newbies on the scene. We dare you to look at these pictures and not get hungry!   #1 - Breakfast Skillet at Pepe's Chophouse What? Pepe’s now has a brunch menu? Eggs? Yup, here they are perched on a nacho skillet, fresh tomato coulis, cilantro and all the sides, check out the new … Read More»

Meet The Nieghborhoods

The neighborhoods around Squamish are easy to learn. Each one has its advantages and drawbacks. One neighborhood simply might fit your unique needs better than another.  Squamish is composed of five distinct neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own unique vibe, and as our community grows we wanted to give you an introduction to the different neighborhoods in Squamish. The Five Neighborhoods of Squamish   1. Brackendale Brackendale is located in the northern region of Squamish. It will typically only take you 10 minutes to reach downtown Squamish. It is also only 30 minutes away … Read More»

March Events Not to Miss with a Bonus Spring Break Guide!

Events Not to Miss This March: March has a ton of great happenings and events, we compiled our top pics of things to do this March in and around  Squamish. For the most comprehensive local event calendar click here, and if you would like to have your event featured, simply send us an email  - Arts: Pinot & Paint Participants will have an opportunity to paint this beautiful Rainbow Bear painting by Toby Jaxon while sipping on some delicious wine. No Brush No Stress Painting: Acrylic Pouring with Wine & … Read More»

Local Spotlight: Red Heather Hut

Do you also dream about a cabin in the mountains that you can escape from your busy life? One of my favourite places to head out to is Red Heather Hut in Garibaldi Park. Living in Squamish puts you in the center of a wilderness paradise. It is an outdoor lover’s utopia. If you want to enjoy a winter day trip then head to Garibaldi Provincial Park and the green-roofed Red Heather Hut Once you reach the Red Heather Hut you can kick your shoes off, warm up next to the roaring fire, enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa, and reenergize with a bite to eat. There is always ample firewood chopped for … Read More»

How Yoga Can Support and Build Community – By Shala Yoga

  If you have ever spent time consistently practicing at a yoga studio, you know that a yoga studio can become a centre for sangha or kula, which are Sanskrit words that mean community. Over time, a studio begins to embody much more than the classes it has to offer. Although those classes form the foundation for the community that grows in and around the space. Over time a yoga studio becomes a place for people, for us humans, to connect with ourselves and with each other. To talk about our good days, our bad days and our so-so days. I think we have all had days where we … Read More»

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