Sea to Sky Marine Trail

The Sea to Sky Marine Trail is a combination of two trail systems: the TransCanada Trail and the BC Marine Trails Network. The union was officially announced and opened in June 2015 to much fanfare. The new trail spans 40 kilometers and features the addition of six new campsites for paddlers. Along the trail’s expanse are also several access points that feature signs, so paddlers know where to get on and off. The trail system runs through three existing provincial parks and a regional park.

Information About the Sea to Sky Marine Trail Route

The paddling route of the Sea to Sky Marine Trail allows kayaks and brigade canoes only. The Trans Canada Trail in West Vancouver which runs to the Sea to Sky Trail in Squamish is now open and fully functional. There are numerous launching points throughout Howe Sound. Campsites are also operational. The route allows you to visit countless picturesque islands while enjoying the lovely Howe Sound.

Carry Charts and GPS Data

GPS data is provided, but you should also carry a paper chart of the Howe Sound. Maps are available at local chart dealers. The two best charts to bring with you are the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Chart #3311 and Chart #3526.

The waterways are overseen by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The majority of campsites and boat launches are located on municipal land.

Campsites Along the Sea to Sky Marine Trail Route

New and exciting campsites are being developed. Current campsites along the route include

  • Thornbrough Channel Recreation Site
  • Tantalus Landing Recreation Site
  • Ramilies Channel Recreation Site
  • Bain Creek Recreation Site
  • Islet View Recreation Site
  • Zorro Bay Recreation Site
  • Halkett Bay Provincial Park
  • Plumper Cove Provincial Park
  • Sir Thomas Lipton Regional Park (SCRD)
  • Porteau Cove Provincial Park
  • The Marine Trail’s Creation
  • Creation of the Marine Trail

Gordon McKeever is credited with dreaming up the marine trail. He inspired the vision and helped the project for Howe Sound to move forward.  Gordon Passed away in 2016, leaving a legacy of trailblazing and building in the Sea to Sky.  “I think he’d want to be remembered as a community man, an outdoorsy guy, and a family man,” McCoach said.

The Squamish Nation and the Sea to Sky Marine Trail

The Squamish Nation has played a critical part in the creation of the Sea to Sky Marine Trail. Most of the trail runs through the Squamish Nation territory. In a news release issued by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Chief Ian Campbell states, “Squamish Nation played an active role in the creation of the Sea to Sky Marine Trail, much of which runs through our traditional territory. It is a sacred trust for us to protect sensitive land and marine habitats here in Howe Sound. At the same time, we want to share them with the people of B.C. – and with visitors from around the world.”

Safety and the Squamish Marine Trail

With any backcountry adventure also comes risk. Do not head out on the sea to sky marine trail with out experience or checking the marine weather. If you want to sample a bit of the trail be sure to book a guide like Norm Hann Expeditions to take you out. The weather can change fast on the sound, so know before you go and be prepared for staying overnight. Always advise someone of your travel plans and check in if you have any trouble

The Sea to Sky Marine Trail is indeed a breathtaking journey across the waters of Howe Sound. Undoubtedly, your trip across the pristine waterway will be a memorable experience.

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