Local Spotlight: Red Heather Hut

Do you also dream about a cabin in the mountains that you can escape from your busy life? One of my favourite places to head out to is Red Heather Hut in Garibaldi Park. Living in Squamish puts you in the center of a wilderness paradise. It is an outdoor lover’s utopia. If you want to enjoy a winter day trip then head to Garibaldi Provincial Park and the green-roofed Red Heather Hut

Once you reach the Red Heather Hut you can kick your shoes off, warm up next to the roaring fire, enjoy a cup of coffee or cocoa, and reenergize with a bite to eat. There is always ample firewood chopped for visitors so keeping the fire going is not a problem which is ideal on a snowy cold day. Red heather is a great day trip hut and it is expected that visitors is that you do not spend the night unless the weather is severe and there are no other options.

Garibaldi Provincial Park’s Red Heather Hut

One of the outstanding local areas to visit that offers extensive terrain to explore is the Garibaldi Provincial Park. The park features more than 195,000 hectares. There are lovely snow-capped mountains and old-growth forests. Within the park is the cozy Red Heather Hut. It makes an ideal stopping point. It is not meant for an overnight stay. The warming hut features a wood stove to warm yourself, an outhouse, a food prep area, a sink with drinking water, and a propane burner to heat up some coffee. There are also two large picnic tables that you can use if you want to pack a picnic lunch basket. The destination is popular and normally filled with other outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a great place to meet new people and exchange interesting stories. The location fosters a true sense of camaraderie.

Red Heather Hut Location

The Red Heather Hut is located about 6km from the Diamond Head Parking area which is what makes it a great halfway point, especially during the winter months. The hut sits in the park’s Red Heather Meadows at the start of Paul Ridge.

A Fun Day Use Area for Outdoor Winter Adventures

You can take a quick after work 45-minute ski tour to the Red Heather Hut or you indulge in a lovely two-hour snowshoe trek. During your outing, you will experience unparalleled views of the Red Heather Meadows all the way to Pual Ridge and Mt Garibaldi. The way down from the hut is a quick and easy trip downhill to the parking lot. Overall, it is a great day trip to a magical location if you want to get out and during the winter months.

When you opt to live in Squamish you are literally making your home in an outdoor paradise. Imagine driving only five minutes from downtown to enjoy skiing, hiking, or snowshoeing in a real wilderness wonderland. This is why I live here.


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