Tricouni Peak

Tricouni Peak Trail: A Hidden Gem



If you are looking for a challenging trail then look no further than Tricouni Peak. Its magical beauty is well worth the effort. You will hike through meadows and alongside lakes until you reach the towering peak. The trail is not as popular as many around the Squamish area so the chances are good that you will not run into very many other hikers on your adventure. The seclusion and tranquility are an ideal for anyone seeking to commune with nature.

Difficulty Considerations

The trail is moderately difficult. During most of its expanse, you will encounter muddy conditions which can be slippery. It is also exceptionally steep, so the going can be slow. When you reach the last leg of the trail before the peak you will need to be prepared to scramble up the rocky, muddy trail to reach the top. Hiking back down the trail is much easier because the return trip is predominately downhill.

Distance and Time

Hiking Tricouni Peak trail all the way to the peak will generally take seven to nine hours round trip, but you will want to give yourself ample time to stop along the way and enjoy the views.The total round trip is 14 kilometers. Many people opt to only hike to the meadows which will take three to four hours and is a total distance of 8 kilometers.

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Time of Year for Hiking

Tricouni trail is open from June to November. In the early season, there is usually still considerable snowpack in the area. Late in the season, you might run into early winter conditions. In the winter this turns into a snowmobile trail that is not maintained and intermediate to advanced skills are required

Getting There

    • Head north on Highway 99 for 10 kilometers.
    • Turn left onto Squamish Valley Road.
    • You encounter a fork in the road. Stay left.
    • The road the surface eventually turns to gravel. The road is referred to as the S. Main Logging Road.
    • You will travel 28 kilometers down the gravel road.
    • You will turn left onto Branch 299 FSR road.
    • Travel 2.3 kilometers and bear to the right.
    • Travel 6 kilometers and bear right.
    • Travel 7 kilometers and turn left.
    • Travel 8 kilometers and turn left
    • Bear left at the next two forks.

The road conditions getting to the trailhead parking lot are far from ideal. You may require an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the trailhead. The roads are extremely rocky, rutted, and have numerous high points that require a vehicle with adequate ground clearance.

Winter at Tricouni is a Snowmobile Adventure

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Many people opt to drive as far as they can down the Tricouni road during the winter months before stopping to snowmobile the remainder.  The trail is not for the novice. Remember that the weather can rapidly change so be prepared for adverse conditions.

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