9 Campgrounds You Must Visit in the Sea to Sky

It is the season for Camping in Squamish. With so many great places to pitch a tent for the weekend, we compiled some of our favourite pictures of camping in and around Squamish.  Be sure to follow fire ban rules, pack in what you pack out and leave these incredibly zones looking better than when you arrived. For more tips on how to adventure responsibly please click here.  Otherwise, enjoy, share and keep tagging us in your amazing Squamish shots on our instagram (here)  to be featured


Top Ten Squamish Camping Pictures :

#1: Photo by: @openformatpicasso

Headed to “Vancity.” These guys were from portland but for the purpose of my pun your gona have to deal with it. Thanks for this shot guys =)

#2: Photo by: @thenotoriousben

Two bikers huddled around a fire

#3: Photo by: @westdigest

The ocean calms the restless soul.

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#4: Photo by: @katbrine

There’s no place like camp. First sleep in my new @mec #spark2 tent among the forested back roads of #squampton.

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#5: Photo by: @jktuckstar

Doesn’t get much better than this

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#6: Photo by: @tylermatthewphotography

Camping at its finest!!

#7: Photo by: @burmisoutdoor

Waiting out the rain high and dry before climbing in

#8: Photo by: @rownan_dg

This is the beast that gets me from point A to B.

#9: Photo by: @targethomessq

#Squamish weekend goals.

#10: Photo by: @rownan_dg

Tents back on for the summer so had to get out for a quick overnighter.

Bonus and our personal Fav:


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