5 Reasons to Visit Brandywine Falls this Summer

If you want to visit a memorable waterfall this summer then look no further than Brandywine Falls. It’s located in the Squamish-Lillooet area of British Columbia and the spectacular waterfall is the largest in the Whistler area. The viewing platform beside the waterfall affords the perfect location to truly enjoy nature’s majesty.

The water of the falls spews across an expansive rock ledge to plummet 70 meters straight down to a large, crystal clear pool. The waterfall’s free fall style makes it exceptionally unique when compared to other waterfalls in the region. The free-falling water also creates a picturesque setting.

The waterfall is believed to have received its unique moniker when a couple of railroad surveyors stumbled on the falls in the woods and bet each other a bottle of brandy over who could accurately guess the fall’s height. The name quickly stuck and the falls became known as ‘Brandywine’.

If you are seeking an afternoon in the great outdoors, then you will definitely want to plan a trip to Brandywine. Here are a few reasons why the falls are the perfect location for a summertime family outing.

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

The photo opportunities are endless. Beauty is literally at every turn in the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.

Easy Access Location

The parking lot at Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is huge so there are ample spots for everyone’s auto. Once parked, the falls are a short 10 to 20-minute walk down a wide, easy to traverse trail. The level and expansive trail is also handicap and baby stroller friendly.

Outdoor Activities

Besides viewing the awe-inspiring falls, there are also hiking and biking trails located throughout the park so you and the family can enjoy an entire day outdoors.


Throughout the park are ample picnic tables where you can share an outdoor picnic. However, if picnicking is not your cup of tea then remember that Squamish and its abundant area restaurants are only a short drive 25-minute drive away.

Winter Fun

Although the park is gated in the winter months, there is still lots of winter time fun at Brandywine Falls. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the waterfall area to cross country ski and snowshoe. During the harsh winter months, the parking lot is under snow, but snowplows generally plow out a parking area at the edge of the highway.

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is the ideal day trip getaway for anyone seeking a family-friendly location in the great outdoors that affords boundless photo opportunities. The park’s beauty is undeniable and it will truly be an awe-inspiring adventure for young and old alike.

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