Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update

Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update AKA Summer 2.0

Fall or Summer 2.0 . The latter best describes the conditions we’ve witnessed over the past 4 weeks. Mild temperatures, clear skies, and tacky dirt. With winter storms seemingly on hold, it’s the morning dew keeping moisture in the trails.…
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Local Spotlight: Red Heather Hut

Do you also dream about a cabin in the mountains that you can escape from your busy life? One of my favourite places to head out to is Red Heather Hut in Garibaldi Park. Living in Squamish puts you in the center of a wilderness paradise. It…
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Tricouni Peak

Tricouni Peak Trail: A Hidden Gem     If you are looking for a challenging trail then look no further than Tricouni Peak. Its magical beauty is well worth the effort. You will hike through meadows and alongside lakes until you reach…

Cirque Lake: Have you Explored this Alpine Lake?

Cirque Lake: Have you Explored this Stunning Alpine Lake? Have you ever been up the Callaghan valley? It's a large, beautiful and remote area nestled between Squamish and Whistler. Cirque Lake a particularity beautiful spot and considering it's…
Britannia Mine Squamish Attraction

10 Reasons you Must visit Britannia Mine this Summer

Less than a hundred years ago, Britannia Mine  was the largest copper mine in the British Empire. Today, it’s a National Historic Site and a bustling, award-winning Museum and a must visit this summer.  We created this article to showcase…
Seasonal Ceviche Recipe

Seasonal Ceviche Recipe

When we’re spending our summer days hiking, climbing and biking, we want nothing more then to come home and quickly whip up a fresh, light and delicious meal. Summer is the time to find fun new food ideas, and eat wraps, salads and ceviche. What’s…