Local Spotlight: Valhalla Pure

Valhalla Pure is your local outfitter that offers sports gear and apparel for men, women, and children.   You’ll find backcountry gear and a superb selection of local guidebooks at the retailer. However, the greatest asset that Valhalla Pure has to offer is the local knowledge that owner Murray and his team happily provides.

A Wide Selection of Adventure Gear at Valhalla Pure

Valhalla Pure offers a wide selection of all-season adventure gear for climbing, paddling skiing, and hiking. The retailer is focused on helping with all backcountry adventures and making sure you have the necessities before you embark on your day or overnight trip. The sales associates within the store are all knowledgeable Squamish locals who actively participate in the regions many recreational activities. Whether you seek gear or local insider knowledge, you are sure to find it in ample supply at Valhalla Pure.
Valhalla Pure’s Humble Beginnings

Valhalla Pure was started in 1990 with the focus of providing specialty outdoor clothing and gear to fit the needs of adventurers in the region. Around Squamish, the weather changes rapidly so with a focus on the Valhalla Provincial Park, the founders of the retailer decided to provide backcountry gear tailored for the unique area.

What Makes Valhalla Pure So Special?

In an interview with Squamish Adventure, Valhalla Pure owner Murray explains what makes his store so special, “All of our employees are longtime locals who are active in various aspects of the outdoors and to different degrees. We attract like-minded people who want to work at Valhalla Pure and have a solid base of practical hands-on experience in using the goods. The experience and knowledge of our team make our service natural and educated. Being small businesses also allows all of our staff to be trained in all aspects of the businesses, resulting in a more direct and immediate sense of what the customer is looking for. Being in Squamish for 16 years also means that our store has strong ties to the local community. We enthusiastically support many local initiatives from search and rescue, paddling club, climber’s access society, Squamish community foundations and we sponsor the Run Squamish Series. With all of our community initiatives, we aim to support the volunteers and locals who are the strength behind running these events.”

When You Need Outdoor Gear and Apparel Check Out Valhalla Pure!

Undoubtedly, the very meaning of the word ‘Valhalla’ fits the spirit of an outdoor adventurer: It is a Viking’s final resting place where feasts, endless drink, dance, music, and friendships continue under a roof of elaborate antlers. When you first walk through the door of the store, you know that you are going to find exactly what you are seeking. From rugged apparel to sports gear, Valhalla Pure is truly your one-stop shop for everything that related to Squamish outdoor adventure sports.

Whether you are a local or a visitor who wants to gear up, you are sure to find what you seek at the Valhalla Pure retailer.

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