Local Spotlight: Rope Runner Aerial Park

Squamish is known as the ‘outdoor capital of Canada’, with seemingly endless activities available for kids of all ages. One addition to the activity roster in Squamish is the Roper Runner Course, located near the Squamish Adventure center. The aerial adventure course in Squamish has made a name for itself as it provides everyone the chance to test themselves and be ‘adventurous’. After hearing about it in coffee shops, supermarkets and on the trails, I figured I should get out there, put my fear of heights to the test (yes, I am the typical ‘afraid of heights’ climber) and have some fun.

Image via Rope Runner Aerial Park Facebook


Upon arriving, I was greeted by friendly staff who guided me through the check in and set up process. I was made to sign some waivers (typical to these kind of activities) and was instructed how to put on my harness before the safety briefing started. The briefing was quick, efficient and put my nerves to rest.

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Here’s how it works: your harness is attached to the wires above by two safety ropes. When you are working through a section, you will not physically be able to remove these ropes, however, when you reach the end, you are able to wave the safety rope over a magnet and switch to a different wire. Once both of your safety ropes are locked on a wire, you are able to then switch over the other rope. This technology ensures you are always attached and makes it safe for people of all ages to self-guide themselves around the ropes course.

Anyway, enough of the safety talk. The ropes course is an intimidating 4 levels high, 17 meters off the ground and 20 meters wide. This gives space for around 50 different activities ranging from very very child friendly, to challenging even for those ninjas among us. There were some really clever and creative props, like the suspended boat and snowmobile that you must navigate, the wobbly snowboards you need to walk across, the exposed bouldering wall you must pass, or the hanging bike you need to peddle to the other side.

Image via Rope Runner Aerial Park Facebook

My personal favourites were the ‘elements’ which required a bit of faith or commitment, like the wooden planks you needed to jump between, the monkey bars you had to get across, the giant log you needed to run/roll over and the 15 meter leap of faith from the top.

All in all, I loved my time at the Ropes Runner Aerial Course and hope my review has given you the motivation to give it a go. The views of the mountains and Howe Sound are beautiful and it’s the perfect activity for everyone, regardless of your experience level with other adventure sports. Make sure to book in advance and have some fun.

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