The Britannia Mine Museum is located about 55 kilometres from Vancouver B.C. Visitors can learn about an experience everything related to British Columbia’s mining industry. A National Historic site, the museum is housed at the site of Mill 3, which was once called the Concentrator. The 20 stories toll gravity-fed concentrator was used for or processing. For over seventy years, the Britannia Mine pulled copper ore. In the 1920s and 1930s, the mining industry boomed and the Britannia Mine was at the forefront as the largest mining operation in Canada.

Visiting the Britannia Mine Museum and Experiencing BOOM!

The Britannia Mine is now home to a new attraction. You can learn all about the Mill through storytelling. The visual journey starts in the 100-year old Mill building. You’ll see the lights, sounds, and special effects of a bygone era. “BOOM!” is open daily. The show also showcases the wonders of the Concentrator and other aspects of the booming mill business. Throughout the mill’s history over 60,000 individuals have lived and worked on the premises. “BOOM!” is helping to make their lives a reality to the audience. You will see what life was truly like working at a copper ore mills.

The History of BOOM! at the Britannia Mine

It took over a decade for “BOOM!” to become a reality. The Board of Directors and museum staff all worked to collaborate with Vista Collaborative Arts and Dynamic Attractions from Port Coquitlam. The respected show designer and producer have used their skills with Vista Collaborative Arts to make “BOOM!” truly outstanding. Their skills are world-renown. They produced “The Sleeping Giant” to much praise.

Understanding the BOOM!

Visitors will be dazzled as they are transported back to the 1920s which was the heyday of the mining in the region. Britannia was the crowning jewel for copper production in the entire British Commonwealth. There is also an formative depiction of how the gravity-fed concentrator mill operated. In addition, the Museum has the original 3-tonne railcar that was used to transport the necessary equipment up and down from the 20-story mill. There is also a mock-skip fashioned from steel. It mimics the original rail car.

The Presentation of BOOM!

The entire presentation of BOOM! is enacted with 30 point-source speakers so guests really understand what the working mine sounded like. Interesting, the natural acoustics of the mill has been compared to that of the famous Carnegie Hall. Without a doubt, BOOM! is something to be relished because it was created by the hard work of over 120 artists, technicians, engineers, and tradesmen.

BOOM! has taken years to become a realty. The Museum’s staff and Board of Directors have worked tirelessly. If you want to visit the history Britannia Mine then you will not be disappointed with the show BOOM!

Visiting the Britannia Mine Museum

The Britannia Mine Museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Guided tours take place throughout the day. The National Historic Site is also a non-profit organization that works to help visitors gain a better understanding of historic mining practices and the importance that they took in forming the early days of Canada. At the mine museum, you will experience exhibits and educational programs such as BOOM! The museum encourages public involvement and engagement.

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