The Top Yoga Studios you Need to Visit in Squamish This Fall

Squamish is home to a wealth of outdoor activities, that leaves your body sore, tired and satisfied. Lucky for all you adventurers, there’s a number of indoor activities that can help you stretch, recover and relax. If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about yoga; enthusiasts won’t be disappointed with the variety of studios and styles in the region.

Here a are a few yoga studios you need to check out if you reside in Squamish or if you’re visiting the region.

Modo Yoga Squamish

The Modo Yoga  studio offers a variety of yoga disciplines such as Modo, Yin, Yang/Yin, Modo Flow, Meditation, Kundalini and a variety of workshops. Many people are not familiar with the Modo therapeutic yoga style. It is a form of ‘hot’ yoga that takes place in a heated room. After enjoying a yoga session, you can sip a cup of warm tea in the community room and relax. You can also get a massage or shop in their retail area where they feature all eco-friendly products.

Core Intentions

At Core Intentions, you can partake in yoga, aerial, or pilates. They also provide classes for children. From beginners to advanced, there is a class available for any level of experience. The studio is currently offering reduced summertime rates and free childcare.

North Yoga

From beginner to advanced, there is a yoga class for everyone at the North Yoga. Their yoga classes consist of Bikram, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ghosh, and Yin. They also feature hot and regular classes. There are onsite acupuncture and massage sessions available.

Shala Yoga

At Shala Yoga, you will enjoy asana classes combined with meditation and devotion. All practices at the studio are focused on creating an overall calmness. Beginners and advanced yoga practitioners will find a place at Shala Yoga. They also offer a variety of workshops headed by experienced teachers.

Yoga lovers will find their niche in Squamish with one or more of the region’s yoga studios.

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