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Dining with the Eagles at The Watershed Grill

Is there any other bird in the world as majestic as the eagle? The impressive raptors are considered the crown jewel for bird watchers and from December to March the extraordinary birds winter in the Squamish, British Columbia region. The area…

Best Places for Holiday Party in Squamish

T'is the season and that means it time for parties in Squamish!  If you are planning your holiday festivities for your work, family or friends, then you will want to make reservations at one of these local favourite places to eat and drink!…

3 Simple Ways to Stay Grounded this Holiday Season

December is here and with it, comes the holiday season. The holidays can be a complex roller-coaster of emotion, with lots of excitement, social events and time spent with family. Although this time of year can be joyful and energizing, it can…

Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Squamish

Fall has arrived in Squamish, which means an increase in rainy days. With the onset of the wet season, and pre snow season you might start to feel a bit stir crazy. However, if you are looking for the best things to do on a rainy day then you…
Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update

Fall 2018 Mountain Bike Trail Update AKA Summer 2.0

Fall or Summer 2.0 . The latter best describes the conditions we’ve witnessed over the past 4 weeks. Mild temperatures, clear skies, and tacky dirt. With winter storms seemingly on hold, it’s the morning dew keeping moisture in the trails.…
Mortgage in Squamish, BC

3 things you didn't know about getting a mortgage in BC

Mortgage: You either have one or you’ve heard of one. And if you’re in the latter group, maybe you’re at a point where you ought to learn more. But it can be intimidating as a first-time buyer, if not downright terrifying, to admit your…