Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Squamish

Fall has arrived in Squamish, which means an increase in rainy days. With the onset of the wet season, and pre snow season you might start to feel a bit stir crazy. However, if you are looking for the best things to do on a rainy day then you won’t have to look far because the locals don’t let a few raindrops get them down. Also, focus on the bright side, if it is raining in town then that usually means that the mountains are enjoying abundant snowfall, so winter sports fun is right around the corner.

Warm Up With a Latte Zephyr Café, Spokes Café or Cloudburst

A warm latte clasped firmly in your hands and that first sip of the frothy brew is the perfect way to heat up on a soggy day. Grab a friend for a coffee date or simply bring your laptop along while you enjoy a soothing beverage and a caffeine burst.

Gear Up for the Season at Valhalla Pure

Squamish locals never let a few raindrops stop them. Gear up to beat the wetness with the right outerwear and accessories. If you have the correct apparel then you can easily enjoy the great outdoors without catching a chill.

Get the Blood Flowing With Yoga at Shala Yoga

A yoga workout routine is a top way to warm up and feel amazing. You can choose from a variety of classes to fit your unique skill level.

Burn Off Some Energy at Squishy’s Family Fun Zone

Are your little ones bursting at the seams with energy? Well, head over to Squishy’s Family Fun Zone so they can enjoy some indoor playtime while you relax!

Play Squash at the Squamish Valley Golf Course

If you are a golfing enthusiast then you probably hate seeing the rain, but cheer up because it’s a great time to play squash.

Adventure Down Under at the Britannia Mine Museum

If its raining topside then its time to explore the down under at Mill 3. A trip to the mine is fun for all ages.

Hike in the Forest

When the forest is covered in rain, it becomes a whole new place. The trees are vibrant and the ferns are green. Grab an umbrella and some rain gear and set out to explore the local hiking trails in the rain for a whole new perspective on the region.

Explore the Clouds Closeup on the Sea to Sky Gondola

Explore the rain clouds closeup from the Sea to Sky Gondola. You will pass right through the mist for an ethereal experience that you won’t forget.

Practice Your Climbing Skills at the Ground Up Climbing Center

If you feel caged because of the rain then its time to burn off some energy at the 8,000 sq. foot climbing complex. You can hone up on your skills for the next climbing season.

Rejoice, Powder has Arrived on the Slopes!

All of those raindrops equal fluffy powder in the mountains so its time to start preparing to hit the slopes. Head over the Airhouse to get ready for the season.

Have a Holiday Spiced Cold One at Howe Sound Brewing

Sure bear tastes good when it’s hot but it’s also fantastic on a rainy day. Also, during the autumn months, the seasonal and holiday brews have arrived.

Spend Time on the Patio Crabapple Café

Seek outdoor shelter on the patio of the Crabapple Cafe while you have a bite to eat and listen to live music.

Check out the Famous Patio at The Watershed Grill’s

Even if it is raining you can still soak up the breathtaking views from The Watershed Grill’s picturesque patio. Also, be sure to check out their delicious menu items. During the autumn, there is always an abundance of fall specials.

Hit the Mud on an ATV

Even grownups like to play in the mood so why not take a tour of the Callaghan Valley on an ATV? Be sure to book ahead.

Seek Out the Peace and Quiet of the Local Squamish Library

Sometimes reading on a rainy day is the best way to relax. At the local
Squamish library you will find a multitude of book choices.

Dine at a Local Favourite Restaurants

How about escaping with a romantic dinner at Pepe & Gringos, Crabapple Cafe, Match Eatery, Copper Coil or the New Salted Vine? Squamish is home to a multitude of restaurants so you won’t have any trouble finding something to fit your tastes.

Time to Get Into Shape at the Local Favourites for Health & Wellness

Why not take the opportunity to get into shape before the ski season at one of the many health and wellness choices in Squamish?
Squamish sits in the heart of an authentic rainforest so when the raindrops start to fall the place turns into a magical paradise and comes alive. You can explore activities indoors or brave the sogginess of the weather conditions to soak up the outdoor beauty. However, no matter what you decide to do, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself!

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