Spring in Squamish

Spring in Squamish

The days are getting longer and warmer with spring just around the corner. We compiled these insider tips to help you shed the winter blues and spring back into the awesome lifestyle in Squamish BC.

1) Get Outside and Play- We tend to advise this all year round, but Spring is the best season for multi day activities in and around Squamish, BC. The longer days allow the time for some epic adventuring. Days spent riding powder in the alpine followed by a mountain bike ride are not uncommon, as a matter of fact they are encouraged! Check out our Guide to the Best Spring Activities around Squamish for some inspiration to get out there and play in our beautiful Canadian wilderness.

2) Clean up and Declutter -It’s time to tackle that dreaded duty of spring cleaning. Enjoy yourself and crank those tunes! It’s amazing how much can accumulate over the years and winter seasons. Whatever you do, DON’T throw it out! Drop off your former loved goods at Pearls in downtown Squamish, your clothes at Random and take your old sporting gear into Climb On Equipment Exchange. Feel good about recycling and supporting local businesses while collecting credits for new found loved goods and gear!

3) Embrace Change Because Change is Good –  The new season can be a great time to introduce a little change in your life. If you’re looking for that spring fling you may want to start by replacing a few pieces of that old wardrobe you just dropped off at Random Clothing. For stylish quality clothing stop by Mountain Threads and check out their new spring fashion wear. A new outfit is also just a great way to reward yourself after a day or two of decluttering!

4) Prep Your Gear for the New Season -Cleaning out and donating your old gear can be a painful process. Much like the reminiscence of that favourite record, gear can bring back a lot of fond memories. Picking up some new outdoor gear from Valhalla Pure or Climb On will have you totally prepared to create new adventures and memories to last a lifetime. As you progress with the sport of your passion, your gear doesn’t. Having the latest and greatest technology will ensure that you are prepared to take on that 5.12 or that steeper, faster trail ride this summer!

5) Start a New Home Project –  If you are a homeowner or a long term renter, Spring is the perfect time to tackle a new project. Before diving in head first, it’s wise to contact the professionals at House Sound Home Inspections for a “check up on your home” and see what might require some immediate attention. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a home check up this spring will get you doing your thing. (Up To Code!!!)

6) Sunshine & Socialize– Warmer and longer days mean outside patios are the place to be when refueling. The patio at Match Eatery offers an incredible view of the Chief that will inspire you to take up climbing, take a picture, paint a picture, whatever your thing the inspiration is there! After a long day on the trails The Howe Sound Inn & Brewing is the place to be to to have a drink and meet some friendly faces. Be sure to check out the live music with no cover on Friday and Saturday nights. On the other side of town why not go grab a yummy margarita on the Pepe & Gringos patio to get you thinking about those magical sunny summer hopes and dreams!

7) Take Care of your Body & Nutrition – Feeling a little sluggish after a lazy winter? Spring is the best time to take your body in for a tune-up and make sure you are in tip top shape for all those awesome spring activities! Book an appointment for massage or physiotherapy today with Reach Physio or contact a naturopath at Squamish Integrated Health. For the best nutritional advice to fuel your adventures contact the experts at Origins Nutrition. These three places will keep your engine running smooth all summer long!

8) Love the lifestyle? Make the move to Squamish! – Us locals already know it’s the best place in Canada to live, and we’re happy you think that way too! Talk to our favorite local Real Estate experts like Denise Salmon, Eleanore Mckenzie and Andrew Laurie. They have the expertise to help you find the best home to suit your lifestyle. Be sure to contact Michele Ellis or Paul Hudson about mortgages to ensure you’re making the best financial decisions regarding your home.


No matter the weather condition, there is always something exciting in Squamish! Spring weather is always a little unpredictable, so make sure you check out our other guides for more ideas: Guide for the Best Ways to Play in the Snow , Rainy Day Activities and our Spring Activity Guide

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