Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. It is the perfect time to celebrate with your honey by reconnecting with each other and nature. It’s time to create some memories between the two of you and make a truly memorable day together. Here are just a few tips that are sure to impress your sweetheart:

Make it About Her

Your lady wants to be impressed. She wants to feel her heartbeat race and her palms get sweaty. Sure you might have the type of lady that enjoys a hockey game while downing a cold one but all ladies want one special day that is focused just on them. They want to be swept off their feet. Well, here is one way to truly make your sweetie swoon, take her for a scenic flight over the Squamish Valley. You will both be soaring high like the eagles and letting love lift you up.

Try Something New in the Great Outdoors

The chances are good that since you both live in the picturesque Squamish area that the two of you are outdoor enthusiasts. One of the best ways to ignite romance is to center it all around nature. Why not take your lucky lady kayaking on the Howe Sound or horseback riding in Squamish Valley to commune with nature and love.

Treat Her to a Massage

You probably know how hard your lady works so why not book a relaxing massage. Reach Physio  offers Deep tissue massage, rolfing and visceral manipulation are among some of the techniques used at their clinic. 

Share Your heART

Have you always wanted to share your creative side with your loved one?  When you purchase a class in February at Me and You Arts, receive a 50% off coupon code to share a class with someone you love. There are a variety of scheduled classes, plus drop-in sessions and events.

Give the Gift of True Adventure

Okay, you can go the traditional route and give your lady flowers and chocolate but why not also throw in some adventurous memories to sweeten the deal. Head for Valhalla Pure and Climb to shop for adventure gear. You can also give you darling a personalized gift certificate that enables you and your lady to partake in any of the available adventures through Squamish

Give a Gift for Post Adventures

All ladies love clothing but if your gal is into adventure sports then give her a gift card from Mountain Trends so she can load up on adventure clothes and gear.

Take Care of Your Lady’s Pooch

If your girl loves her pets then why not shop our local specials and book a complimentary dental checkup for her four-legged friends at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital.

Take Her to Dinner

Valentine’s Day is a busy time of year for restaurants so make reservations well in advance if you want to take your lady to Pepe & Gringos or Match Eatery. You don’t want to wait until the last minute or you will be taking your girl to a fast food joint. If you eat early, you can avoid the dinner rush but be sure to relax and enjoy a chocolatey dessert together. You might also want to bring home a nice bottle of wine.


***Please note we would NEVER advise skimping on the chocolate and flowers. Still, do that, but do it outside while you spend the day appreciating the ones you love***


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