Which Type of Adventurer are you?

We have created this fun guide to help you figure out which type of adventurer you are and who your best match is, what sports they prefer and where to find them in Squamish BC

iStock_000026089019SmallThe Soul Adventurer

Theses adventurers do it for the love of the outdoors, and will not be influenced by the need to have the latest gear. They will be flying down the hill on old bikes, skinning up on self made splitboards and free climbing up the sides of mountains. There is no fear of the unknown and lack of preparation only adds to the adventure. These natural MacGyvers manage to get themselves out of equipment failures with a roll of duct tape and whatever happens to be in their pocket. Their lack of investment in gear allows these guys to get out further and more often.

  • Best Match: The Gear Adventurer
  • Where to find them: They will be found sharing stories with the biggest smile over a pizza on half price pizza night at the Howe Sound Inn & enjoying all the no cover live music Events. They can also be found trading in their gear at Climb On Out West.
  • Favourite Activities: Rock Climbing & Backcountry Skiing & Kiteboarding

iStock_000011486052SmallThe Family Adventurer

These families know how to have fun together. Every weekend is spent enjoying the outdoors, no matter what the weather is doing.  Moms can be seen skiing with baby carriages in tow or little ones strapped to their backs, and Dads can be spotted teaching their kids to hit jumps on their push bikes. Before you know it the little adventure gromes will be passing you on the ski hill and on the bike trails.


  • Best Match: Other Family Adventurers
  • Where to find them:  These adventures will be found fueling up their families at the Red Bench Diner before heading out for the day, followed by a post bite at Locavore and all the other awesome shops at On The Farm.
  • Favourite Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking & Skiing


iStock_000021046732Small  The Mature Adventurer
Nothing will slow this adventurer down, they do it for the love of the outdoors and to stay healthy. This type of adventurer is an inspiration to the rest. The only telling sign? The flash of silver under their helmets as they peddle past you uphill or soar past you on their kiteboards.




  • Best Match: The Eco Adventurer
  • Where to Find them: These guys can be found at Reach Physio getting regular post workout massages to keep them in top shape, followed by a glass of wine and steak dinner at Pepe & Gringos
  • Local Athletic Example: Bernie De Jong
  • Favourite Sports: Mountain Biking, kiteboarding & Kayaking


Guides and friends Heli Skiing near Squamish

The Gear Adventurer

These guys have the look. They may not have the best skills, but what they lack in talent they make up in gear. They have picked up the best gadgets to make sure that the trip will be safe, fun and organized. They will have the route mapped out on their GPS phone, even if you are just walking to the grocery store. Although their extra preparation and large pack of gadgets may seem excessive, you always need one of these types of adventures in your crew

  • Best Match:  The perfect match for the soul adventurer
  • Where to find them: At Valhalla Pure chatting with the knowledgeable guys about the latest and greatest products before their adventure, and shopping at Mountain Treads for a post adventure new look.
  • Favourite Sports: All of them, theses guys have the latest & greatest for all their adventures


The Redneck Adventurer

Dominic Gauthier snowmobile photography

These guys are all about burning fuel to get to some incredible places. A pick-up truck is their natural companion, and is usually seen with either a snowmobile or dirtbike in the back. They want to get to the top of that mountain, or that remote lake and they want to get there fast. There will probably be pabst blues hidden in some compartment, afterall it is a workout to keep those machines under control at the insane speeds.


  • Best Match: Other Redneck Adventures – This is due to the natural need to borrow each others fuel.
  • Where to find them:  These guys can be found at Match Eatery sharing massive plate of Nachos, Followed by a 10 oz Steak & pasta. You will be able to smell the reminiscent of gas and diesel on this group.
  • Favourite Sports: Snowmobiling, Dirt biking, Boating & Atv’ing


The Eco Adventurer

guided ski tours in squamish bc

Its no motors or noise for this kind of adventurer. They love the challenge of pushing their own limits and getting to the top VIA their own muscles and it shows. These adventurers are fit, happy and healthy. For these, the end result is the motivator, but it is the journey getting there that offers the real lesson.

  • Best Match: Great match for the Soul adventurer or the Mature adventure.
  • Where to find them: The eco adventurer likes to take care of their body with regular naturopath visits to Squamish Integrated Health. They will be in tune with the nutritional advice from Origins Nutrition to keep their adventures fueled, and can be found sharing gluten free recipes at Zypher cafe.
  • Favourite Activities: Anything self propelled: Rock climbing, Hiking & Kayaking


The Cultural Adventurer:

The adventure starts with learning about the history and people of an area. These adventurers are fueled by knowledge, and they will often know the meaning and story behind trail names, parks and towns. Their passion to understand what helped create the area gives them that little something extra, and definitely keeps the conversation going.

  • Best Match: The Eco Adventurer
  • Where to find them: Exploring the Coast Salish big house at the Cheakamus Center with a guided tour or at Quest University Library, taking in the views and talking to locals on the street down town.

What do all these adventurers have in common?

They’re all found in Squamish, enjoying everything this area has to offer. World class mountain biking, Whitewater Rafting, Rock Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, Kayaking, Hiking, Sailing- you name it, Squamish has it!



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