Whether you’re a dog owner, or just a dog lover, Squamish is the place for you. The town is known for being pet friendly, so you’ll have no trouble finding a place to enjoy with your four-legged friend. Don’t have your own dog? These are the best places to admire man’s best friend until your time comes.

Sea to Sky Gondola

Your dog will love the hike up the Sea to Summit Trail. Once you get to the top, you can both enjoy the views. Be sure to pay attention to signs at the top, which will let you know about the areas dogs cannot enter. Some are off limits due to food. After you’ve soaked up the sights, take the gondola back down. That’s right- your dog can ride the gondola with you!

Nexen Beach

Nexen Beach is known as Squamish’s most dog-friendly beach. Although it’s not officially an off-leash area, many dogs enjoy running free here. The beach offers amazing views of Howe Sound, and it’s not unusual to spot a dolphin or whale. In addition to the great sights, you can swim or spend some time on the trails.

Pack a picnic and enjoy the afternoon, or go later to take in the beautiful sunset. No matter what you do, just be prepared to pick up after your dog so everyone can enjoy all that the beach has to offer.

Ray Peters Trail

If you love hiking or biking, Ray Peters Trail is the place for you! The peaceful escape from Highway 99 is one of the most popular trails in Squamish. It’s easy to spend hours enjoying the smell of the evergreens and the great mountain views. Sixteen other trails crisscross through the loop, so there’s plenty to explore.

If you head to Ray Peters Trail, remember to be mindful of other hikers and bikers on the trails. Coyotes have been spotted in the area, so make sure you keep your dog close and pay attention.

Eagle Wind Park

Eagle Wind Park is designated as an off-leash park. Your four-legged friend can run and roam without a care in the world. The park is fenced in so you don’t have to worry about chasing them down to avoid any traffic. Be sure to pack water for your pup, as there is no water available at the park.

Brohm Lake

Your dog must be on a leash at Brohm Lake, but we guarantee that won’t stop everyone from enjoying the trip out. There are some great hikes in the area, so pack some water and snacks and make a day of it. Tired and ready to cool off? Finish out the day by taking a dip in the fresh water.

Squamish is a wonderful place for dogs, but no matter where you go, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

  •         Be sure to pick up after your dog so everyone can enjoy the great outdoor spots Squamish has to offer.
  •         Keep your dog on a leash when required and pay attention when visiting off-leash destinations.
  •         Be respectful of other park visitors and control your dog.


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