The Best Squamish Hiking Trails in Winter

Squamish is surrounded by world class  hiking trails with a  variety of skill levels and rewarding scenic views. The Squamish hiking trails at  lower elevations are accessible year round. For the winter hiking enthusiast we put together this list of the top 4 trails for year round hiking in Squamish BC.

The Four Lake Trails

The four Lakes trail is the perfect trail to enjoy a day out with the family. The official trail is 6km long and can be completed comfortably in two hours as you stroll past the four lakes, Stump, Fawn, Edith and Alice. Your furry friends are more than welcome to join you on the trail but they must be on a leash at all time.

These lakes are not just for your viewing pleasure, you can try your luck at fishing (with a the proper licences). If you are brave enough you can take a dip in the chilly waters, although this is much more enjoyable in the summer months

Ray Peters Trails

Originally named the Cheekye Fan trail, the Ray Peters trail is a local favorite you can keep going back to time after time. The double loop track was machine built which has the benefit of being in good condition regardless of the weather conditions.

With minimal elevation throughout it is possibly the best hiking trail in Squamish to take youngsters on their first ever hike. The trail is multi use for hiking  so remember to share the trail and be courteous to others.

Murrin Lake Loop Trail

Murrin Provincial Park receives 300,000+ visitors a year. In 2014 Murrin provincial park received a great addition with the building of an official hiking trail, that helped to connect the rough tracks that joined the various rock climbing spots.  Thanks to some hard work from locals, the new 1.8km loop has views that have been compared to the nearby Stawamus Chief, with much less vertical effort. This is a great hike year round, but definitely worth checking out on a winters day.

Ocean Front Nexon Trail 

Located just past downtown, this Squamish hiking trail  is a great way to take in all of your surrounding as you stroll along the Ocean Front trail. You follow along the edge of the Pacific Ocean, which can be calm and peaceful one day with wild waves crashing on the shore the next. Take in the stunning vistas of snow capped mountains, ocean and waterfalls as you realize what a spectacular place Squamish is. With technology surrounding us 24/7, the Squamish hiking tails are a great way for friends and families of all sizes to switch off and truly enjoy being present.

Be sure to enjoy the outdoors this winter in Squamish and remember to check out our local favourites to make the most of your visit.


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