Squamish: The Health & Wellness Capital of Canada

Health & Wellness

Squamish is known as the mecca for outdoor adventure enthusiast. Being an active population our community is naturally  becoming a hub for health and wellness to keep everyone out on the trails and enjoying our mountains, rivers and ocean. Despite being a small town (albeit growing) , there are numerous wellness centers, counseling services, spas, and physical as well as massage therapists, all of which contribute to a culture of wellness. With so many talented wellness workers, Squamish has more than enough resources to support its community and all of the active adventurers that pass through here every year. We believe that Squamish should be known as the Health & Wellness capital of Canada.

Squamish Health & Fitness in the Numbers

A 2015 report by Vancouver Coastal Health found that Squamish residents are far more active than the rest of Canadians as well as most regions around the Vancouver Coastal area. Not only are people in Squamish more active, they also tend to be less stressed.

Taking a closer look at Squamish’s Community Health Profile reveals an even stronger sense of holistic wellness. In fact, 57 percent of people in Squamish reported being in excellent or very good physical health and the numbers jumped to 61 percent for mental health. To top it off, 71 percent said they felt a strong sense of community.

Clearly, Squamish has gotten something right.

Given the importance we place on the natural environment and the pride we take in our many parks, trails, and sports, it’s no surprise Squamish values physical activity and fitness. But why are we also less stressed, have great mental health, and feel such a strong sense of support in our community?

Physiotherapy in Squamish

Being healthy doesn’t mean you can always avoid injury. Even when you take the necessary precautions, accidents happen. Sometimes, injury isn’t even the result of any one factor – according to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, half of Canadians have at least one chronic health condition and 80 percent will experience lower back pain at some point in their life.

Whatever the injury, physiotherapy plays an essential role in treatment and recovery. Not everyone is lucky enough to have easy access to great physiotherapists and healthcare providers, but Squamish certainly is.

We have as many as 8 centers dedicated to physiotherapy and many more registered therapists, including Squamish’s own Sue Shalanski. She’s been nominated Squamish’s Best Physiotherapist nine times and has her own clinic, Reach Physio & Massage.

Yoga in Squamish


Jenna  O From One Tree Wellness

It’s safe to say yoga has taken off in our town. There are over 5 yoga dedicated studios in Squamish and many more classes offered at other, holistic health centers like One Tree Wellness. While many associate yoga with the calm, relaxed poses and pace characteristic of hatha yoga, Squamish has many different types. From the hot yoga classes at Moksha that tone and detoxify your body to fitness focused class that combine yoga with a core or Pilates workout at Oxygen Yoga, there’s something for everyone.

No matter which type of yoga you choose to practice, according to Harvard Health Publications, you’ll develop these health benefits:

  • self-esteem
  • flexibility
  • muscle strength
  • mindfulness
  • reduce tension and anxiety

Yoga in Squamish is always growing and developing, and we have even more studios opening up soon so you can check out many types of yoga styles and theories to see which one you like best.

Massage Therapy in Squamish

Squamish’s many talented, registered massage therapists (RMTs) play an important role in promoting health and wellbeing in Squamish. Many of our RMTs reside in Squamish and stay active themselves by hiking, skiing, or biking on our extensive trail system.

Their focus on wellness can’t help but rub off on the rest of us, but they also provide an important service. Massage helps muscles heal and reduces stress and pain. Ultimately, this helps people recover from injuries so they can get back out in nature again and boosts overall wellness in Squamish.

 Fitness & Gyms in Squamish


Photo by: https://www.instagram.com/stormstrength/ Web: stormsquamish.com

Although there’s no end to the list of outdoor activities and sports in Squamish, that hasn’t stopped Squamish from developing a number of gyms and fitness classes. Outdoor activates are wonderful, but many of them are seasonal, so taking it to the mat helps us stay fit all year long, train for out outdoor sports and beat the rainy day bluesIt also has a few other benefits – group fitness classes develop a sense of community, target specific muscles, and teach new skills, like the intense, endurance driven boxing classes at Storm.

All of these opportunities and the amazing people that lead fitness classes or treat our injuries explain why Squamish is so healthy, and how it’s become not just an adventure tourism destination, but also a growing place for health and wellness.

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