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Sidelined with an injury or pain. Frustrated you can’t play? We get that. We are all active ourselves, that’s why we live and practice here. If you are injured or in pain and want to know what you need to do to get back to your activities FAST, we can help. Having treatment from a physiotherapist or massage therapist early on in an injury can put you back on the trails armed with what you need, whether it’s soft tissue work to release tightness or appropriate exercises to keep you in top form. If you need help recovering, give us a call and let us help your body be in the best shape for all the demands you want to place on it.

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Are your frustrated that your pain has not yet gone away and worried you won’t be able to return to sport? We can help!

Sports Injuries
We have extensive experience in treating all sports injuries regardless of the sport, but we also have very specialized treatments for specific sports such as running, climbing and cycling.

Back & Neck Pain
Your therapist will assess the causes for your back and neck pain, mobilize your spinal joints, and will give you advice on how to best maintain your thoracic mobility, essential for a healthy low back and neck.

Post Surgery rehab
Our philosophies of practice create the necessary environment to make your rehabilitation successful.

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