Squamish might be the health & wellness capital of Canada, but accessibility to outdoor adventures doesn’t guarantee a healthy lifestyle. Overall wellness requires thought and effort, which isn’t always easy. Many of us lose motivation during the cold winter months and indulge a bit too much in holiday treats. As winter draws to a close, however, it’s time to usher in a new season and a new mentality. Spring into wellness by coaxing your body back into shape and enjoying the nice weather outdoors.

Stretch out stiff muscles

Before hiking the Sky Pilot trail or mountain biking on one of Squamish’s famous paths, you might want to stretch out the winter tension. According to Harvard health Publications, improving your flexibility can help prevent injury, back pain, and improve balance. Try a hot yoga class at Moksha Yoga to loosen up before hitting the trails this spring.

Train, build, and strengthen

Want to try tackling one of Squamish’s 3,500 rock climbing routes or pick up your speed as you kayak on Howe Sound? Practice makes perfect, of course, but targeted strength training can improve your performance and increase your endurance. Head over to Anytime Fitness to begin training. Going to a fitness center is also a great way to get around fickle spring ice melts. That way, you’ll always be able to get in a good workout.

Get your game, and new gear on

New season, new gear. Take a peek in your closet to make sure you have what you need for your spring wellness routine. It might be time to toss out that old college jersey and invest in some proper trail running sportswear. Make sure you’re ready to hit the trails running this spring by stopping by Capra Run.


Massage away your stress and tension

After spending the day stand up paddle boarding on the crisp cool waters at Alice, Brohm, or Cat Lake, relax and unwind by treating yourself to a massage at Squamish Integrated Health. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown massage can help reduce anxiety and help treat sports injuries. It might be just what you need to get ready for your spring adventures and help keep your muscles healthy year round.

Check in on your mental health

Wellness is about much more than being physically fit. Being healthy also means checking in on your mental health. Studies show being mindful can rewire your brain to improve your ability to cope with stress. Not only does meditation create a sense of mindfulness, it can also help you manage your stress. Sign up for a meditation session at One Tree Wellness. Take the opportunity this spring to commit yourself to living in the present.

Symbolically, spring is always a time of new beginnings. Use that positive energy to create a new beginning for yourself as well. This is the perfect time to spring into wellness, and really focus on your overall health. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of Squamish’s supportive health community and all the services they have to offer. Squamish is the health & wellness capital of Canada for a reason – let’s lead by example and keep it that way.

If you are seeking an indoor activity where you can find yourself while stretching, relaxing, and working your body then yoga might be just the ticket to a more evolved you. At Moksha Squamish Yoga you can enjoy numerous yoga disciplines such as Kundalini, Yin, Yang/Yin, Moksha Flow, Meditation, and Moksha. Moksha is a great way to beat the chill of spring because it’s performed in a hot room as a form of therapeutic yoga. They also feature massages. At Core Intentions, you can try a yoga, aerial, or pilates class. They also sometimes offer free child care while you enjoy your class. Shala Yoga has asana classes that are combined with mediation and devotion. If you are simply not the kind of person to be cooped up inside but you still want to enjoy yoga then why not enjoy an outdoor yoga class at One Tree Wellness? They also offer Full Moon Workshops. Overall, their entire yoga focus is keeping your feet on the Earth during their sessions.

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