Squamish is a community full of healthy and active people. Our youthful population tends to  eat well, drink in moderation, enjoy adventure and look after our bodies as best we can.  Euphoria Natural Health is the NKOTB for health and wellness providing Squamish a healthy and natural way to deal with the pains as well as preventive support. 

The clinic offers a wide range of health care options and depending on your needs, can combine a range of natural and traditional treatments for yourself or your family. The attached health store also sells a wide variety of interesting, unique and hard to find wellness and beauty products. Where else can you pick up a health care package for your festival and camping needs? Or stock your bathroom cupboards full of natural products and organic, cruelty free cosmetics.

Euphoria Health is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Squamish residents, so pop in, say hello, and see what they can do for you.

Where it all Began…

Terri Kirkham created Euphoria Natural Health in a passionate attempt to help others on their own health journey. After suffering through a number of her own issues, such as eczema, acne, fatigue and irritable digestion, she sought the help of a naturopath. Within weeks of following the naturopaths recommendations, she experienced increased energy and a reduction in her symptoms. From there, her passion for holistic living began, and after creating her own recipes/products and spending years studying holistic health treatments she decided to create the Euphoric Health clinic in Squamish. Together with her highly trained and skilled staff, the team at Euphoria offers a bevy of naturopathic treatments, testing, and products to meet their clients’ many needs.

Walk-in IV Treatment

Unlike other natural health clinics around Squamish, Euphoria Natural Health offers onsite IV treatments that require no appointment. In other words, walk-ins are welcome. Euphoria natural health is the only clinic in the entire sea to sky corridor where you are able to receive IV treatment without booking in advance.

If you didn’t know, IV Therapy is used to help cure acute infections (colds/flus), chronic fatigue, athletic performance, anxiety, depression, cancers, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease, pre/post surgery and for many other conditions.

Treatments at Euphoria Natural Health

The naturopathic doctors at Euphoria Health are trained and board-certified. They are proficient in a wide array of treatments with a strong focus on healthy, natural options. However, if desired, they can prescribe traditional medicines. Below are a few commonly prescribed treatments but be sure to visit the website for a comprehensive list.

IV Nutrient Therapy– IV Nutrient Therapy administers key nutrients directly into the bloodstream for fast absorption and utilization by the body.

Prolozone — An ozone/oxygen injection therapy used to treat immediate and long term inflammation and chronic pain. The injections also offer nutrients that help cell regeneration.

Acupuncture — Tailored acupuncture services are offered.

Euphoria Health offers comprehensive packages

Patients might be interested to learn that Euphoria Health also provides specific packages for weight loss, acupuncture multi-packs, and IV therapy multi-packs. Simply stop in for a chat and work with one of the trained doctors and find a package that works for you.

The medical professionals at Euphoria Health are committed to complete health care. They are always available to meet their clients and patients many healthcare needs.

Be sure to stop by and check out Euphoria Health to meet their warm and friendly staff.

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