Squamish Farmers Market

If you’ve spent any time in Squamish it’s safe to say that you’ve probably visited the Squamish Farmers Market. Since 2005, the Squamish community has gathered on a Saturday morning to enjoy the sunshine, music and fresh food. From locals buying organic groceries, to the families enjoying live music, and visitors looking for a fresh meal, the weekly market is a must-do for anyone visiting the sea-to-sky corridor. We created this list of 5 reasons to visit the Squamish Farmers Market every Saturday from 10 – 3pm – Downtown Squamish. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any of your favourite reasons to visit the Market.  Be sure to share this post and the love of the Squamish community by supporting local.


1. Enjoy Fresh and Healthy ‘Farm to Table’ Food

If you’re looking for fresh, mouth watering food, the Squamish Farmers Market is the place for you. Unlike the fruit and veggies you buy from larger grocery stores, the Market vendors sell natural and seasonal foods that are all planted, grown and harvested with love. This boosts their flavour, antioxidants and nutritional punch. Need we say more?

In terms of the food variety, the market has a little bit of everything. Fresh veggies, organic meats, homemade cheeses, freshly baked goods, raw and organic meals, delicious drinks like tea, coffee, kombucha and water kefir, as well as canada’s favourite; the maple taffy, syrup and butter stall.

2. Build a Relationship with the Amazing Vendors

There’s nothing better than knowing, seeing, and understanding where our food comes from. Each of the vendors at the Squamish Farmers Market have grown and produced their products in the region and have a passion for what they do. Strike up a conversation, ask questions, visit their farm and don’t be afraid to make requests. After all, you’re both there to help each other.

3. Support your Local Farms and Families

squamish farmers market vendors

The Squamish Farmers Market is a hub for all the locally made produce, goods and crafts in the area. In fact, it’s highly likely those apples you just bought were picked this morning, or that berry cake you’re now eating was baked with the rising sun.

Instead of spending your money at large supermarkets or chain-restaurants , help support your local farmers. Not only will you benefit from knowing where your food was grown, but shopping local has many economic spin-offs. By supporting your local farmers, their hard earned money is likely to go back into our Squamish community and continue strengthening our economy for many months to come.

4. Get Fresh Food Ideas and Try Unique Products

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Squamish on a Saturday morning, make sure to take a wander through rows of produce stalls, baked goods and warm food. Just being there makes my mouth water and sampling the hand-made marshmallows, kombucha or the famous Squamish Popcorn gives me the utmost pleasure.

Does anything tickle your fancy? Are you going to head home and attempt to recreate that soup you tried, or those freshly made dips? Visiting the Squamish Farmers Market will give you inspiration and ideas for fresh and seasonal family meals.

5. Connect with your Community

I may be biased, but the best thing about the Squamish Farmers Market is the welcoming community. Buy your groceries, try some delicious food and take a seat; your neighbors, friends and colleagues are around the corner and I’m sure they’re down for a chat. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your local community, farmers and all, and ensure Squamish stays true to itself.

Did you know the Squamish Farmers Market was voted “Best Location” in the entire Vancouver region? If that sealed the deal for you, check out the market’s schedule and events and enjoy the live band, child friendly activities and beautiful views.

The market is a great draw to connect with community, fuel your healthy living and get to know the people behind your favorite local crafts and food. We will see you there!

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