In the heart of Squamish sits a small boutique soap shoppe and herbal apothecary,  Be Clean Naturally.  Each delicious and delightfully scent soap product is manufactured with love by hand from all natural products. The soaps’ scents are heavenly because the bars are infused with 100 percent pure essential oils.  The various aromatic oils, honey, and exfoliants used to create the distinctive soaps cause the bars to vary in color because the soups contain no artificial colours or dyes.  This makes the bars wonderfully unique and in popular demand by local residents and shop owners. 

It All Starts With Natural Ingredients.

Be Clean avoids packaging whenever possible.  Each soap bar displays the distinctive hardwood stamp of Be Clean Naturally and comes free of packaging.  Liquid soaps are available glass or plastic jars so they can be easily refilled. Bonus:  A discount is also provided if you bring in your own bottles to fill with soap.



5 Things you Didn’t Know you Could Get at  Soap Shop

At Be Clean Naturally, all the products are made from natural ingredients.  They not only sell a full line of body soaps for the entire family , but also other great all natural products. We compiled this list of 5 things you didn’t know you could get at a soap shop, trust us their are more, all based on the same values of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. 

1. Soaps And Tick Spray for Your Furry Friend 

At Be Clean Naturally, They know how important your pets are to you and we sell a line of dog soaps that are sure to please Fido’s sensitive nose. There is also a Be Clean Naturally tick repellent to help you protect your four-legged friend from nuisance pests. Click Here for more


2. All Natural Beeswax Candles

These locally made candles smell simply delish! If you drop by the store – and we highly recommend you do! Don’t forget to check out are 100 percent natural beeswax candles.

3. Herbs


 Herbs play a pivotal role in the creation of their soap products and Be clean extends this great selection of high quality herbs to the public.  You can find a large variety of herbs from organic cayenne pepper, black peppercorn, rose petals, grape root, yarrow, witch hazel, raspberry leaf, elderberries, Rhodiola root, black powdered walnut hulls, horehound,  cacao powder and even kava on hand.

4. Essential Oils 


Along with top quality herbs, the soap products contain a unique and tantalizing blend of natural oils that are sure to titillate the senses. At be clean you they also sell a variety of essential oils to the public. Expect to find a wide array oils available such as citronella, cedarwood, cypress, clove, mandarin, lemongrass, sage,  spearmint and more.

5. All Natural Make up, Hair Bruhes and Skin Care Products


With a selection of natural beauty products, from mascara to Epsom salts, you will find your next favorite beauty care product at Be Clean. Our Personal Pick: The All Natural Lipbalm!

Be Clean Naturally has more than just awesome soap and products available, they also offer the local workshops that help you learn how to create your own natural products.  The most recent workshops focused on activities such as lip balm creating, soap manufacture, natural incense, and candle creating. Follow them on Facebook to learn more! 

Be Clean Naturally is a locally owned soap shop business in Squamish. Many local merchants, hotels, and restaurants feature their soaps in their many establishments. Stop by and visit today, you wont be disappointed! 

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