What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra has my unwavering attention these days ૱

I seem to have created myself a healthy dose of attention deficit disorder.

I attribute this self-diagnosed current state to the day to day single-mama, entrepreneur, hustle / hamster wheel of samsara ⟲ ⟳ ⟴ many of us are on.

YES, this is the time to be building my legacy, a sound retirement strategy, and these ARE the good old days. For sure, yup, game on, I am fully committed.

AND, sometimes I just need a break from what feels like juggling machetes in rush hour traffic to remember WHO I actually am. You know what I’m saying?

Yoga Nidra takes us through a sweet journey through all of the brain waves states (beta, alpha, theta, and sometimes delta), if you resolve to stay aware and are willing.

You literally request your analytical mind and body to take a sweet nap while you journey into the creative realm of the subconscious and basically clean out your hard drive.

I just spent 7 days at the feet of this intelligent, incredible, magical human Jana Roemer http://www.janaroemer.com @janaroemer learning how to be a guide of this ancient system of Yoga.

AND, I am excited to announce that I will be leading “Vinyasa into Yoga Nidra”

Tuesday nights @shalayoga from 530-645pm starting Oct 9th. Vinyasa into Nidra will also be offered Thursday nights from 530-645 pm starting Oct 11th.

Please join me, I’d love to share this magical, restorative practice with you.

If you are curious to experience Yoga Nidra before coming to class, Insight timer (a free app), has free, Yoga Nidras led by my teacher @janaroemer for you to experience at home or in your office.


Written By  Kristin Campbell of Shala Yoga

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