Top 10 Rainy Day Activities in Squamish BC

As the days get shorter and the air gets crisp, we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall in Squamish BC. Fall can shower Squamish with its fair share of  precipitation. This rain is what makes our scenery so stunningly green, mossy and fresh, and dusts the mountain peaks with fresh white Snow.

Don’t let the rain get you down, embrace it and check out our list of what to do on a rainy day in Squamish BC.

  • Blast reggae music and dance to sunnier tunes while you clean up the house, cars, garage and other things that have been neglected due to an awesome, fun-filled Squamish adventure summer.

  • Tune your gear. Bring in the mountain bikes to your favorite bike shop so they are fresh and ready to go when the rain stops. Wax those skis and split-boards, too. Winter is around just the corner!

  • Go shopping in downtown Squamish for some great finds. Grab a yummy Zypher Cafe coffee and hit the used book stores, clothing stores and Mini Flea.  Keep your eye open for old movies, board games and used books.

  • Drop by Fetish Shoes downtown or Marks for some much needed rain boots. These will make you unstoppable for the fall puddles and chanterelle mushroom hunting.

  • Go play outside. A little rain won’t stop you if you are dressed properly. So go visit Valhalla Pure or Escape Route and get suited up for the fall. It’s even better warming up to a hot chocolate when you have worked for it.

  • If the rain keeps you inside, that’s OK. Enjoy this time to rest, eat and get cozy by the fire with a good book or an old movie.

  • Invite your friends over for board game night and get some butter chicken delivered from Pepe & Gringos restaurant.

  • Get out of the house and grab a delicious seasonal inspired local brewed beer and some yummy food by the fire at the Howe Sound Inn and Brewing. You will find others to connect with who are also having a rainy day escape with their line up of tasty fall beers.

  • Take a mini road trip and go underground with your family at the Britannia Mining Museum. Don’t forget to stop at the Mountain Woman for the best poutine close to Squamish.

  • Storm watch from the Watershed Grill Patio. This patio is a great place to be on both rainy and sunshiny days!

Remember that when it is raining in Squamish, it is usually snowing somewhere. When the clouds clear and the sun shines there is usually a beautiful snow dusting on our alpine peaks.

Have a Wonderful Rainy Day!

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