When travelling in the Sea to Sky Corridor you should be aware of the presence of ticks which can affect you and your pet!

Every year in the late winter / early spring we see a spike in tick activity. This year is no exception, we have seen a number of dogs with ticks recently.

Only the head gets buried, the rest of the tick protrudes from the skin but will often  be covered by hair in most medium or long haired pets.

The best way to detect ticks is to firmly rub your pets entire coat. If you feel something, part the hair to have a closer look. You should get in the habit of doing this every time your pet ventures into long grass or overhanging foliage.

If you find a tick call us (604-898-9089) and we can demonstrate how to safely remove it. Ideally, this should be done within a few hours of when the tick attaches to minimize the risk of transmission of Lyme Disease which ticks in BC can carry.

There are a variety of safe and effective products that can help protect your pet from ticks and Lyme disease. Call  us (604-898-9089)  to discuss a strategy to protect your pet from tick infestation and Lyme Disease.

Have a safe and active Spring!!

Dr. Tom Honey

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