When it comes to staging a home, most sellers are familiar with the tried and true methods such as depersonalizing the space by removing family photos, amping up curb appeal, and clearing up excessive clutter. However, when selling a home in the Squamish area there are a few factors every seller should take into consideration to increase the regional appeal of their home.

Squamish is an outdoor lover’s paradise. It offers kilometers of trails for biking and hiking, unparalleled snow sports opportunities, wildlife viewing, and fishing. The majority of people who move to the area come to enjoy the outdoor activities or to soak up the view.

Here a few unique staging ideas to make your home appeal to generalized buyers in the Squamish area.

 Maximize The Views

Does your home have picture windows that afford views of the surrounding town and landscape? If you have large windows then you will want to leave the drapes or blinds open. Flood the home with sunlight and let any would-be buyer imagine sitting in the house and being able to gaze out at the regional beauty of Squamish. If your home doesn’t have large windows that offer up views, then invest in a few eye-catching photos or paintings of Squamish to proudly display on your home’s walls. Your home should remind the buyer that he is not only getting a lovely residential property but also a house in one of the hottest outdoor real estate marketplaces around.

Toy Storage:  

Your potential buyer is probably moving here for the awesome lifestyle that Squamish has to offer. Clean up those toys and use them as curb appeal.

Bike, Kayak or Canoe Racks 

If your home has a large porch, back patio, or garage don’t hide those mountain bikes, kayaks, or canoes away from the eyes of sellers. Instead, invest in a nice rack and proudly display them. Let the sellers see that the home you are trying to selling has ample room to store outdoor gear for any sporting enthusiast.

ATV, RV, Boat, Snowmobiles, or Camp Trailer Parking 

Does your home have adequate parking for not only autos but also ATV’s, snowmobiles, RVS, boats, or camp trailers? Then play up that area so the buyer can see and envision parking his ATVs, RVs, boats, or camp trailer on the property.

Snow Sports 

If you are into snow sports then consider hanging your skis, snowboards, or snowshoes in plain view to remind the seller that adventure awaits in Squamish.

Warm & Inviting

Often spring, winter, and fall are chilly in Squamish. A house should offer warmth to appeal to a buyer. He should be able to see himself coming home from a long day of  skiing or playing in the rain to a warm, cozy home. If the day is chilly and you have a fireplace then build a small fire on the day of the showing. Don’t be shy about turning up the thermostat to create a warm and inviting feel to the home if you don’t have a fireplace.

When staging a home in the Squamish area, just remember what drew you to the picturesque outdoor lover’s paradise. The chances are very good that the same things that drew you to the area will be similar to the buyer’s reasoning.

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