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Typically during the winter months, home sales start to slow. As the winter inactivity sets in, many sellers start to worry about the lack of buyer interest and the fewer showings. There is no doubt that spring is the peak home sale season as families start to search for a new home when school ends. However, even during the worst winter, a house can sell.

Here are a Few Tips on Listing your House during the Slow Season

Price to Sell – Research the Local Real Estate Market and price your house accordingly. You might even want to consider pricing it a bit lower than the competition if you want your property to move quickly.

Welcome Buyers – The first impression that a buyer gets is your front entryway. You will want to welcome buyers into your home from the cold winter weather. Make sure your home’s walkways and entry are free of snow and ice. You might also want to hang a welcoming wreath on the door to great would-be buyers.

Warmth – A frigid house may not appeal to a buyer as much as a cozy, warm interior. If you have a fireplace then you might want to build a crackling fire. Turn up the home’s thermostat to a comfortable interior temperature so visitors won’t want to quickly leave the welcoming warmth of your house to brave the outdoors.

Smells – During the winter months, a home often takes on a stuffy smell because the windows are typically closed. You might want to consider burning a few candles or using an air freshener to make the home’s aroma pleasing. Even baking pies or cookies will fill the air with a pleasing, mouth-watering smell that is sure to be appreciated by most buyers.

Declutter – The chances are that you are spending additional time indoors when the temperature outside starts to plummet. Unfortunately, rooms frequently become cluttered and start to feel cramped because of the added time that a family spends inside. You should clear away all items but the essentials to give your home an open feeling. Removing clutter will also make the residence feel larger and it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves and their belongings in the home.

Upgrades – Let buyers know about any winter upgrades such as thermal windows, additional insulation, or an efficient HVAC system. Many buyers shopping during cold weather will be thinking about energy efficiency so knowing if a home has any cost-saving perks normally grabs the buyer’s immediate interest.

Brighten Your Home – Winter is a dreary time for many people. Making your home bright and cheerful will instantly attract buyers. Consider applying a fresh coat of bright paint, keep fresh flowers in the house, leave the blinds/curtains open, turn on the lights during showings, and lay out colourful throws or pillows to draw the buyer’s eyes.

Protect Floors and Rugs – As buyers enter your home, they will normally remove their shoes or wipe them off on an entryway rug. Such an action automatically draws the buyer’s eyes to the floors. You should make sure your floors are clean and if you want to take an extra step you can add throw rugs to protect the home’s floors and carpets and provide an extra design element.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and learned some helpful tips, selling a home during the winter can be done successfully with a bit of additional effort and care.

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