Here is a list of the top ten things to do in Squamish to beat the heat  this summer. Enjoy the scenic drive up the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver and come enjoy our small town with Big Nature!

  1. Whitewater rafting on the Elaho River in picturesque Upper Squamish Valley. The rivers are glacier fed and you are guaranteed to get some fun splashes that will cool you down along the way.
  2. Surfing on Howe Sound. A four hour wake board boat cruise on the scenic Howe Sound, including a 24 minute surf session behind the boat. The perfect place to be on a hot and sunny day.
  3. Cool breeze on top of the Chief. Not only will you get a great work out and incredible views, but the breeze when you reach the top chief will a welcome breath of fresh air.
  4. Super early  Mountain bike. It is amazing how much cooler and fresher the air feels when you are in the forest. It is best to go early and start your day right with some cardio and adrenaline. I find a good dose of adrenaline works better than the morning cup of Joe.
  5. Evening Horseback Ride and Dine. This experience is not to be missed! What a great way to take advantage of the long summer evenings – a horseback trail ride to a gourmet 10 course dinner served family style in  a stunning outdoor environment.
  6. Kayaking on the Estuary. At the end of the Howe Sound near Squamish, there is usually a strong breeze. The name Squamish means “mother of the wind”. This breeze can provide a welcome break from the heat. Enjoy it with a scenic, gentle kayak along the estuary.
  7. Go for a Scenic flight. It is usually  a little cooler in the air, especially when you are buzzing by glaciers!
  8. Glacier Fed River Dip. Cool down in one of our glacier fed rivers. I bet you cant stay long in that water! Just watch out for all those Squamish fishing guides catching the pink Salmon right now.
  9. Stand Up Paddle Boards. Alice lake has stand up paddle boards, which are a great way to get some exercise while paddling out to a quiet spot in the middle of the lake.
  10. Kite Surfing Lessons at Nexon beach. The Squamish wind can allow  you to fly but a lesson is highly advised in order to ensure safety and fun on the water.

Follow our advice here at Squamish Adventures and you’ll be sure to stay cool with our top in Squamish this summer!

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