Tips for buying in a hot market

Tips for Buying in a Hot Market

Squamish has been a seller’s market for a long time. The demand for homes in the area seems inexhaustible. In most cases, there simply are not enough available properties to meet the demand of the buyers. Home buyers in the region often become…
The Adventure of Starting your own business

The Adventure of Starting Your Own Business

It may be a small town, but Squamish is full of entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities are endless. If you’re thinking about starting a business here, be prepared for some ups and downs, but know you’re in a great place. Why Squamish? The…

Local Spotlight: Locavore Food Truck

Big Flavour, Locally Sourced Menu Squamish has great restaurants, but when you’re looking for something a little more quick and casual, you can’t beat a great food truck menu. The Locavore was voted one of BC’s best mobile eateries by…