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Squamish has great restaurants, but when you’re looking for something a little more quick and casual, you can’t beat a great food truck menu. The Locavore was voted one of BC’s best mobile eateries by British Columbia Magazine. It’s a local favourite for its tasty menu and commitment to using local ingredients.

The food at Locavore is prepared by local chefs using locally-farmed meat, veggies and fixings. There’s a whole lot of local going on here, and that means you get added flavour with Squamish flare!

Choose from sandwiches, salads, rotisserie chicken and sides. It may sound simple, but with sandwiches like the Donair Single, which is made of Pemberton Meadows beef, tzatziki, sweet garlic, greens, tomato, cucumber, onion on pita wrap, the choice can be tough! The Banh Mi is another favorite, and includes rotisserie pork or chicken, chilies, cilantro, pickled radish/carrot, all on a tasty baguette. Still not sure what to order? It gets tougher.

The burgers are also terrific, and another favorite among visitors. And, let’s not forget the rotisserie chicken. It’s tender and juicy, and pairs great with any of Locavore’s side items- herb roasted potatoes, cabbage and kale salad, a green salad or hummus and pita chips. You’ll have no idea you ordered from a food truck after taking one look at the food.

In addition to healthy side items, Locavore offers a veggie burger with kale, mushroom, quinoa, pumpkin, lettuce, tomato, onion on a Portuguese bun. That’s not the only veggie-filled option, however. Locavore makes some amazing salads!

Try the brown rice and quinoa salad with miso vinagrette, beets, greens and avocado, or the flavorful roasted cauliflower salad with quinoa, tahini, hummus and pita chips. Yum! Locavore proves you don’t need meat to enjoy a tasty treat, so don’t hesitate to bring your vegetarian friends along to this local favorite.

Kids are taken care of, too. Locavore has a simple kids menu with choices like a grilled cheese sandwich, a hot dog and pita chips with hummus.

It’s not just the fresh local food that makes Locavore so special. The permanent location in Squamish Town Hub means you don’t have to chase down a moving food truck. The hub provides a nice little break from the traditional restaurant seating. Enjoy your meal at one of the many outdoor picnic tables and take in the fresh Squamish air.

The Locavore is also situated near some of Squamish’s best outdoor activities. If you’ve just finished a long day on the mountain biking or hiking trails, skip cooking and forget the long restaurant lines. Head to Locavore for a truly local and flavourful experience.

The Locavore Food Truck

Hours: Wednesday— Sunday from 11:30 — 5:30

Location: Squamish Town Hub, 1861 Mamquam Road, Squamish, BC


Phone: (604) 898-1969


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