I’ve always said the only thing that would make this town complete in terms of outdoor adventure would be a decent wave. I have even spent a significant amount of time researching how to build a river wave.

I eventually let that particular idea go, based on numerous warnings from my practical boyfriend of the safety concerns of trying to build waves in our ever-changing BC rivers. I gave up the idea of building my own wave, but I never let the dream of surfing in my hometown go.

I am more than excited to announce that my dream of a surfable wave in Squamish is finally coming true!

Our friends at Kaotic Adventures are organizing the boat and the logistics of how to take you and your friends surfing on the picturesque Howe Sound.

How many surfers live around here, making the voyage to Vancouver Island to catch some waves? No more waiting for ferries, no more waiting for the swell, no more crowds, no more getting dropped in on, and no more wet suits!   This is going to be epic!

Come cool down in Squamish on a Kaotic wave! Stay posted for more news, or pre-book your wave through Garibaldi Custom Tours.

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