Squamish Mountain Bike Trails

Squamish has multiple trails for every level rider but which ones to choose? Now you don’t have to. Here are some popular and favorite trails for all-mountain riding as well as the top three trails to shuttle.

The Best Beginner Squamish Bike Trails :

  1. Jacks Trail – Ride up it, ride back down it. If you are new to mountain biking or helping out a friend that is, this is a must try. Very pleasant gradual uphill with very few obstacles and a nice cruise downhill with never ending flow.
  2. Robs Corners and Cliffs Corners – These two snaking trails are connected to create an endless, easy ride. They certainly live up to their names and are full of beautifully maintained turns to practice cornering all day long!
  3. Wonderland – When you are ready to take it up a notch and work on some more technical riding, Wonderland is the place to go. This very gradually descending trail has no shortage of roots, rocks and low ladder bridges to practice technique on.


The Best Intermediate Squamish Bike Trails:

  1. Roller Coaster – A nice, easy blue trail, Roller Coaster is a classic. Flowy with a punchy climb thrown in and finishes out with some big berms into a slightly steeper section.
  2. Psuedo Suga – More flowy, bermy goodness. If you’ve ever ridden B-line in Whistler Bike Park, this would be its twin. There are plenty of whoops and rollers and berms to keep you smiling the whole way down….and it’s a long way down!
  3. Somewhere Over There – Well worth the pedal out to it, Somewhere Over There is truly a gem. This is a more technical trail with plenty of roots, logs and tight corners to navigate. There is also some admirable bridge work on this trail for a great photo opportunity. Towards the bottom there are multiple rock face lines to choose from with the option to ride around if that’s not your cup of tea.


The Best Advanced Squamish Bike Trails:

  1. Credit Line – With some great advanced technical climbing and technical descents, Credit Line will keep everyone happy…or frustrated (in a good way). Make sure to stop at the view point to get an amazing vantage point over all of Squamish.
  2. Crouching Squirrel Hidden Monkey – Another great trail full of great technical features, Crouching starts out fast and flowy but don’t be fooled, there are plenty of large root sections, and tricky rocks to keep you on your toes the whole way down.
  3. Entrails –  The gateway to fun, Entrails is like a choose your own adventure book. Halfway down, the trail splits and a multitude of options await. Nice and technical, the first part is relentless, bridges over swamps, techy uphill, tight rock lines, roots and chutes galore.  Once you reach the split, you can continue on Entrails which is more of the same fun or you can turn right onto End Hole Connector and head towards Bony Elbows or Room with a View.  Room with a view has granite rock faces the whole way down. It’s very spectacular and if you can tear your eyes away from the trail long enough, take in the view. Alternately, Bony Elbows is another granite face-filled trail but is much steeper and has optional harder lines as well.


The Best Squamish Shuttle Trails:

  1. Cakewalk – A super fun descending trail, Cakewalk has a bit of everything. Flow, roots, rocks, steeps, bridges, switchbacks and jumps. There is certainly something for everyone on this trail.
  2. 19th Hole – Fall line and steep, with plenty of erosion, 19th hole calls for some good brakes and skilled riders. Halfway down it mellows out and gains some great flow with some jump options.
  3. Grin and Holler – Another highly technical trail with some very intimidating wood work and steep ladder descents. The bottom part of this trail is well known for its large, but optional, gap jumps.

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