Squamish Mountain Bike Trail Guide: Rupert & Man Boobs


For more images of Rupert & Man Boobs please check out the gallery here from 7mesh

There were a couple of busy trail builders working over the winter and the fruits of their labour have been unveiled this spring.  Both Rupert and Man Boobs are very welcome additions to the Alice Lake riding zone and have created opportunity for some amazing loops and much longer rides in the area. I personally cannot get enough of either trail and have linked together a great ride that can easily be made longer if desired.

Man Boobs  

Start at the top of Perth drive and climb Mashiter. This is a nice double-track, gradual climb that after about 30 minutes puts you at the SORCA shelter at the bottom of Rob’s Corners.  At this point, hang a right and continue along a logging road, keeping left at the first junction.  You will pass by a small spur road on your left and one small hill later, you will encounter Ed’s Bypass. Short but sweet; it’s a great warm up with some technical rooty bits to test your ability at choosing a smooth line.

At the bottom of Ed’s, turn left up the hill under the power lines. On your right, will be the entrance to Rob’s Corners and Man Boobs.  Currently, there is no sign at the start of Man Boobs, but you will see the beginning of the trail, directly to the right of the sign for Rob’s Corners.  Enjoy the flow on this masterfully hand-built trail which is friendly for beginners yet offers some variety for more experienced riders.  There are some optional gap jumps along the trail to add some difficulty if desired but they all have an easy ride-around if jumping is not on your agenda.  There’s a nice, small technical climb thrown in half way to keep things interesting and some more flowing switchbacks to finish her off.

There’s plenty to look at along the way, so don’t worry, you couldn’t get bored even if you tried!

How to Link to Rupert

Upon exiting Man Boobs, turn left and ride Bob McIntosh, continue after it becomes the Four Lakes Trail straight the whole way to Edith Lake. At Edith Lake, look for the sign on the right leading you up Mike’s Loop, follow Mike’s for a short while until you see 50 Shades of Green on your left and then climb up the top of that. Turn right at the top and continue along for about 5 minutes. You will see the trailhead on your left, keep your eyes peeled as it’s not marked yet. If you see half buried logging cable in the first turn, you are in the right spot.

Rupert, oh Rupert! I am beyond in love with this trail, as is everyone else that I talk to. It’s such a welcome addition in the most convenient place. Easy to add on as a bonus lap, it ends just below Tracks From Hell and from there it’s an easy pedal back up.  It’s rated as a black trail but I would classify it as an easy black or hard blue. All the difficult lines have an optional ride around so depending on how you feel you can push it or you can just cruise. The beginning is a short technical climb, which is a fun challenge and when you reach the trail builders sign, homage to a beloved pet, you know the real fun is starting. The re-occurring theme on this trail is rock faces…lots of them! They are all smooth, with really nice run outs and like I said, all have optional bypasses. The highlight is the scalloped wooden bridge and the 180 degree wooden wall ride.  I can’t say enough about this trail but I also don’t want to give it all away. Get out there and ride it!

Rupert finishes back on Mashiter, just below the start of Tracks from Hell. If you head right down Mashiter, you will be able to take a quick rip down Roller Coaster before ending up back where you started. Or if you are feeling adventurous, go left, climb up Tracks From Hell and tack another trail or two onto your day. Have fun out there!!

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