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With Spring approaching, we move from water to wood element. This is a natural time for creation and growth. It’s a time for shedding that, which is no longer useful and making space for new life and opportunities. This can be a great time for a new start. It’s a great time of year for goal setting and reflecting on how you wish to feel and what you would like to do and see happen in you life.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the wood element refers to the structures in our body: the spine, limbs and joints. The organs associated with the wood element are the liver and gall bladder. The sense organ are the eyes. A wood imbalance can result in spinal problems and lack of flexibility in body and mind. The liver energy gives us the ability to plan our life path and chose the direction in which we go. This energy gives us the capacity to work hard at making this happen. When the liver is in harmony, plans are executed efficiently, since plans are simply a way of setting in motion our creative self-expression. A lack of motivation and inspiration can be a sign of a liver imbalance. As well as the ability to see clearly, literally and intuitively.

Keeping your wood element in optimal shape with attention to nutrition, exercise, self -care and self-expression will make this time of year a positive experience. Nutritionally it’s a great time to cleanse and fast. Physical activity will help to clear and open the body and mind. Taking time for mental relaxation and reflection will allow openness and peace of mind, while developing the ability to focus and make clear decisions.
Investing in a shiatsu or acupuncture treatment with the intention to focus on bringing the wood element into balance can have a positive outcome in the body, mind and spirit.
Happy Spring!

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