Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Social media might seem like an easy option to promote your brand or business, but mistakes are commonly made. When not handled properly, you will not have social media success or only obtain mediocre results. However, if you can avoid making these standard errors, then social media becomes a powerful tool in promoting your business and gaining a loyal client base.


7 Common Social Media Mistakes

Here are a few common slip-ups that even big companies are making:

1.Lack of a Strategy:

      1. If your posts lack focus then your subscribers will stop reading them. You need to keep your audience interested by providing them with the latest news on campaigns or events. You should always engage with your audience and remain consistent. Make a three or six-month strategy and stick to the details. Having a goal helps you stay focused and build your viewership.

2. Define Your Brand:

      1. You must define your voice, look, feel, and brand story to reach people and become memorable. Your captions should reflect your brand’s distinction. Also, focus on posting only content that is relevant to your brand. Even photos are valuable assets in promoting your brand in a newsfeed. Do not get caught up in world events or news items if they do not directly relate to your distinct brand. Those irrelevant things only cause distractions. Remember, your posts are all about your past, present, and future brand/business story. Do not veer away from this layout.

3. Incomplete Profile:

      1. Your social media bios and profile information must be complete to be valuable. It lets you show who you are and what your brand is all about. Fill out the ‘About’ section of the profile. It is a great section to add personality to your brand or business. Also, don’t’ overlook hashtag keywords in your Twitter and Instagram bios. Remember, social media profiles and content also rank in a Google search. It is critical that you create a high-quality profile and header images to promote your brand or business.

4. Familiarize Yourself With Your Audience:

      1. You should know your audience so you can tailor your content to reach them.

5. Posting Too Much or Too Little:

      1. Posting requires a happy balance. You don’t want to post too much or too little. A good rule of thumb is to post three times per week. Posting every other day shows a level of involvement that is ideal but doesn’t inundate your followers’ newsfeeds.

6. Platform Tools:

      1. Each social media giant has specific platform tools that you should familiarize yourself with, so you can indeed make the most of the site.

7. Interacting:

    1. When your followers take the time to comment on your posts, then you should take the time to communicate with them. Commenting makes your brand seem alive and vibrant. It also keeps things fresh. Interaction is a great way to humanize your business and honestly give people an idea of the essential components of your brand. Taking the time to respond to everyone’s comments shows that you genuinely do care.

Social media can be a powerful tool for any brand or business. Ideally, you should try to avoid the above mistakes to make the most of the platform and grow your brand/business in your followers’ hearts and minds.

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